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  1. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    How would you feel about a player wearing a legends number?

    Last week against Notre Dame Devin Gardner wore the #98 of Tom Harmon. How would you feel if the Gophers did something similar? Each conference home game and one non-conference game one player is selected to wear the retired number of a Gopher Legend.
  2. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    For Fun: What is your all time Gopher NBA roster? G-Ray Williams G-Archie Clark C-Mychael Thompson PF-Kevin McHale SF-Lou Hudson Bench:G- Bobby Jackson, G-Vashon Lenard, G-Trent Tucker, C-Joel Pryzbilla, F-Mark Olberding, F-Willie Burton, F/C- Jim Brewer
  3. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Joe Salem and Hayden Fry

    Both hired the same offseason by their respective universities. Did the Gophers miss an opportunity with Fry, and who were some of the other candidates for the Gopher job?
  4. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Not securing the borders?

    At least not the Class of 2013. The top four MN players according to Rivals are all committed to other schools. In a pretty weak senior class losing out on four of the best in state players is frustrating. Kill did a good job last year so what's gone wrong this year.
  5. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Moses Alipate

    I was just looking at the team roster and he's listed at 297 pounds. Is that right and why the does a TE need to way 297 pounds?
  6. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    1500 Play by Play man

    Does anyone know who is doing play by play for the Gophers on the Radio?
  7. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Minnesota Sports Hall of Fame

    ESPN is doing a sports HOF for Dallas, LA, NY, Boston, and Chicago. It would be interesting to read some candidates and choices. Five candidates in the inaugural class. No active player, coach, or executive is eligible. My first five Kirby Puckett Herb Brooks Bronko Nagurski Alan Page Harmon...
  8. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Who did Maturi want?

    It came up in one of the rate the new hires. This isn't anything more than me wondering if there was ever a confirmed name or not. I've been on board with Coach Kill since the beginning so no stirring the pot.
  9. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Nebraska Weekend on the B1G network

    They've been re-airing the same programs all weekend. Do they have not the rights to certain games like the classic '71 game against OU or is that being saved for a later date?
  10. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    "Yankee" Schools in College Baseball

    What would you say is the biggest reason northern schools who have fallen so far off in college baseball? Weather can't be an excuse since that's always been a disadvantage to northern climate schools. Money, Title IX, not enough interest.
  11. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Any chance the next head coach...

    Hasn't been mentioned on here or some other place? SOme people are guessing it will be a coach no one talked about. I'm curious if that's even possible from a realistic stand point. That would mean no Nick Saban or Mack Brown coming to the U.

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