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  1. Governor Sibley

    Demoting Tracy: A Fantasy

    I'll keep this short. I'd actually want Tracy, Sawvel, and Mike Sherels to stay with us in a coaching change. They are better than average coaches, and they're a good fit for our state and program. No chance this happens. But I can dream, right?
  2. Governor Sibley

    Best Gopher Bar in Gstaad, Switzerland?

    I'll hang up and listen. Thanks for your help!
  3. Governor Sibley

    Is Game on CBS Sports via Apple TV?

    Is anybody's Apple TV showing the game available on the CBS Sports app?
  4. Governor Sibley

    Wisconsin National Championship or World-Wide Nuclear Annihilation?

    If you had to choose, which would you prefer? And why?
  5. Governor Sibley

    Limegrover Criticisms Revisited

    Nobody has been harder on Limegrover than me. From day one I've been negative. But he's done something interesting over the course of this year. He decided to cut his losses and find a style that fit his players. The result is an offense that now revolves almost entirely around the...
  6. Governor Sibley

    David Cobb Hamstring Prayer Thread

    Please compose your own and share.
  7. Governor Sibley

    Help, I Have a Football Man-Crush on David Cobb

    He takes a hand off, bounces it for nine, and comes to a full stop before being pushed out of bounds. Why? Because this bad a$$ wants to dish. And he does. Be still my heart. I want his style and identity to lead our team next year.
  8. Governor Sibley

    Derrick Engel Pre-Game Speech

    I trust he's working on it. I hope it's a doozy. I pray it earns him the game ball. Everybody contributes! Especially injured Seniors. BELIEVE.
  9. Governor Sibley

    Offense's New Wrinkle Against Wisconsin?

    What will it be? Two weeks to prepare. Perfect time to put in a full speed option package. It hath been decreed. Make it so! :cool02:
  10. Governor Sibley

    Game ball goes to our coaching staff

    I've never seen a team take the play clock all the way down on every series of the game. Today it worked brilliantly. It was like watching football being played in 1894. SJSU was out-coached in every facet of the game (their kickoff team? barf!). I knew we had a shot when they were...
  11. Governor Sibley

    Two Observations from Today's "Game"

    1) Western Illinois stood no chance on any play in which Rashede Hageman decided to expend effort. 2) David Cobb clearly moves ahead of Roderick and deserves to start next week if Kirkwood is not ready.
  12. Governor Sibley

    Jerry has to move to the press box.

    If this is going to happen again, it needs to be out of sight. He has to move upstairs. But is it workable? This is the third time in, what, 24 games? 1 out of every 8 games?
  13. Governor Sibley

    Another Brilliant Performance by Offensive Visionary Matt Limegrower

    He is a Gary Fischer with a headset, a Hannibal with a clipboard, and a Leonard Berstein with a whistle. Our very own offensive genius/guru/maestro. Words fail to capture his visionary genius. In other news, I can't watch another year with him in the box.
  14. Governor Sibley

    Last Drive is 100% on Kill

  15. Governor Sibley

    Could Kill Pull It Off?

    Recognizing a young man has made a needlessly horrible, horrible decision, he graciously provides a way for AJ earn his way back on to the Spring roster. Could make for nice copy. And it's the kind of lesson that football is designed to impart. Somebody would need to whisper in AJ's ear...
  16. Governor Sibley

    Free Marqueis Gray!

    It's Senior Day for the best football player on our team the last 3 seasons. He should touch the ball a minimum of 15 times. I'd like to see him rush 15 times and have the ball thrown to him at least 5 times. Find a way to make the game go through him. Let him put the team on his shoulders...
  17. Governor Sibley

    Which Gopher Program Hasn't Lost @ Illinois in a Decade?

    Seriously, maybe we should send the football team to Champaign-Urbana? We even let you have Trevor. :confused:
  18. Governor Sibley

    Why Nelson (Really) Started?

    Why Nelson started: (1) He's the only QB who can run Kill's offense. (2) Kill thought it was unreasonable to wait until year three to play the way he wants to play. (3) While we could've put another QB out there yesterday, Kill figured Nelson's RS would be burned inevitably. What this means...
  19. Governor Sibley

    Somebody Should Be Fired

    If the facts stand as they are presently stated--and the University stands to lose almost a million dollars to get out of an away football game--somebody deserves to lose their job. Such a reckless misuse of university funds is indefensible and offensive. If the dollar amounts are different...
  20. Governor Sibley

    Play of the Game: Wettstein from 51 yards

    That was like a parting grenade rolled into the Illinois locker at half. Just when the Illini thought they were going to wobble off the field...boom goes thy dynamite.

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