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    3rd season since 1968 with ZERO large-margin losses.

    At the time, many people mentioned this was the first season that Minnesota beat Wisconsin, outdoors, in Minneapolis since 1977. But this was also among only three seasons since 1968 that Minnesota had no losses of greater than 2 possessions. The others were 1999 and 2016.
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    Anyone Else Wanna Start a Panckake NIL Club?

    How much you want to donate?
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    Big XII Championship

    Rough start for Baylor. If this keeps up, AND Georgia upsets LSU there’s going to be a CFP crisis!
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    Longest Winning Streaks

    1. Clemson - 21 2. Ohio State - 13 3. Appalachian State - 12 4. Minnesota - 9 4. Baylor - 9
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    #20 Virginia @ Miami (FL)

    - Miami -2, despite that Virginia is ranked - Virginia looks quite over-rated at #20. - Friday prime time game, perfect weather against a ranked divisional foe and almost no one is at this game. If you ever think Minnesota has “actual attendance” problems, just remember Miami.
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    College Football Events in Minneapolis

    So the Super Bowl is basically over, and it was a smashing success blah blah blah. So why can’t US Bank Stadium/Minneapolis/MoA host any major college football events? The CFP passed on Minneapolis not once, but TWICE. The second time, they didn’t even bother to offer an excuse. There will be...
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    ‘17 Bowl Records by Conference

    For P5, through 12/30: Big Ten: 7-0 Big Twelve: 5-2 ACC: 4-5 SEC: 1-3 PAC Twelve: 1-8
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    Fresno State

    Gophers host Fresno State next September. Fresno State is playing for the MWC Championship next week against Boise State. This game will be a good alternative to watch if you can't stand to watch this year's Big Ten Championship.
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    SEC Coaching Search Dumpster Fires

    Does anyone want to coach in the SEC anymore? They can't seem to land the same caliber of coaches as the B1G (and even the Pas 12) anymore. Florida should be one of the best 5 HC jobs in the country. They got turned down by Chip Kelly and Scott Frost. They steal from from their own and settle...
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    Nebraska Fans

    It's been said before. But it seems worth repeating now: Whether it it was the the mid-80's (peak of disparity) or now (MN favored to win despite a 4-5 record), Nebraska fans have been awesome to have here in Minneapolis. By far the best rival fans to have in your city. They are passionate...
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    What the Gophers Head Coach Should Wear, and how he should wear it.

    I like gold shoes. Maroon pants. Gold half-zip. Sends the right message.
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    Kahler and Coyle

    I do not see how they survive this. It's over for both of them. Be careful whose agenda you rubber-stamp.
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    2016-17 Bowls

    Announced. Not projected. All times CST CFP: Peach - 12/31 - 2PM: #1 Alabama vs. #4 Washington Fiesta - 12/31 6PM: #2 Ohio State #3 Clemson ------------------------- Other New Years Six: Cotton - 1/2 - Noon: #8 Wisconsin #15 Western Michigan Rose - 1/2 - 4PM: #5 Penn State #9 USC Sugar...
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    Week 13 CFP Rankings

    What will the committee do? Here's my guess: 1. Clemson 2. Alabama 3. Iowa (the only other undefeated) 4. Oklahoma 5. Notre Dame (should easily drop at least 1 after last night) 6. Michigan State (should jump ND, but probably will not yet) 7. Ohio State 8. Baylor 9. Stanford 10. Florida...
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    Power 5 vs. Power 5 in Bowls

    Power 5 vs. Power 5 (+ND) in Bowls Updated through the Belk Bowl: SEC: 4-1 PAC: 2-0 B1G: 2-1 ND: 1-0 ACC: 1-5 BXII: 0-3 After 10 bowls. 8 left to play. ACC's only win is against the BigXII; B1G's only loss is NE (with interim coach).
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    FCS Programs losing money for athletic departments

    FBS, that is. This list will double when stipends become reality...
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    The Big Ten CCG Location

    Looks like interest in attending this game is diminishing. The charm of the entertainment mecca known as Indianapolis must have already worn-off on Badger fans (who know their team didn't earn the right to play in this game anyway). And Nebraska fans, at 10-hours, are just too far away. Let's...
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    Patrick Reusse is wrong again

    9/4/11 Being wrong and confusing his confused readers. "As for the robust applause for the first effort from Kill's Gophers ... well, I for one like their chances in the home opener Saturday vs. New Mexico State. ... The 38,000 or so folks that actually make their way through the street...

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