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    Daily Humor

    Go Gophers! Pledge to Change the Conversation:
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    Last try? Go Gophers! Pledge to Change the Conversation:
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    New Signature format

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    Tubby's Firing is a Watershed Event

    Stepping back a bit, it strikes me that the decision to fire Tubby shows how far this program has come over the past seven years. Teague's decision and the endorsement by Kaler never would have happened seven years ago. Ironically, Tubby's success here likely led to his coaching demise here...
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    Thanks for picking up "Predict the Score", Blizzard

    Thanks to Blizzard for picking up "Predict the Score" ... and my apologies for not being able to continue that or "Pick per Day" for this season. A combination of events occurred that interfered with my ability to run either endeavor -- a computer malady, getting some part-time employment to...
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    Pick per Day - cancelled for today

    sorry, folks, I wasn't able to get to it last night and am out of time for this morning. More to follow.
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    Predict the Gopher Season

    I'm getting the Contest Bug again ... let's see how optimistic we are regarding the season's trials and tribulations. (After last year, I almost made the tie-breaker this season the length of time that Royce White stays on the ISU squad. Nah, too mean-spirited.) Anyhoo, predict how the...
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    Pick Per Day -- Who's interested?

    I'm getting a bit energized about the 2010-2011 season and wondering how much interest there is in participating in another year's Pick per Day competition. If interested, please add your comment to this thread so I can get a gauge of the level of interest. I have to re-do some of the tables...
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    Poll: Right or Wrong to Fire Brewster? Now or at end of season?

    While I think I know how this will turn out, let's see what the actual vote is:
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    Final PPD Standings for the 2009-10 Season

    Congratulations to rrjack who led the Serious Selectors in this season's Pick per Day competition, hitting 58.8% correct in 136 picks. He failed to make a pick in only five of the 141 available days where games were availalble. Plus he's been pretty consistent -- he was in the lead last year...
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    It's Final: Congrats to Z-Stein -- winner of this year's G'hole NCAA Competition

    Here are the final results in this year's GopherHole NCAA Bracket competition. Z-stein wins handily and there's 39 points between first and ninth place. There's only 40 point difference between 9th place and last (116th). But, you gotta hand it to GopherRock: he lived <s>up</s> down to his...
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    Final PPD of the season -- deadline is tip-off

    Okay, last game of the 2009-10 season: Butler vs Duke (-6.5) with the tip-off at 8:15 CDST on CBS. Deadline for picks is tip-off. Sorry, we're closed to new participants but keep your eyes peeled when next season starts if you're interested.
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    Pick per Day for Saturday, April 3

    No game on Friday as the NIT and C-whatevers are done. Saturday offers two games: [B]Michigan State vs Butler (-1) 5:00PM CDST West Virginia vs Duke (-1.5) at (approx) 8PM CDST Here are The Rules if you have any questions. Sorry, we're not taking any new participants.
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    Pick per Day for Thursday (04-01)

    There's one game scheduled for Thursday: North Carolina vs Dayton (-2.5) Tip-off is reported as 6PM. Picks are due by 5PM as usual. We're still using the same format as before: Moniker: Team Points Please remember to include the colon after your moniker. Here are The Rules if you have...
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    Pick per Day for Wednesday 3-31

    There's one game scheduled for Wednesday: VCU (-1) at St Louis. Tip-off is reported as 7PM on ESPN's site of scheduled games for Wednesday. I'll accept picks up to tip-off and will likely not publish standings until Thursday. We're still using the same format as before: Moniker: Team...
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    Pick per Day for Tuesday (03-30)

    Three games on Tuesday night: Dayton vs Ole Miss (-1.5) at 6PM CDST Pacific vs Missouri State (-5.5) at 7PM CDST North Carolina vs Rhode Island (pick) at 8PM CDST Available games on USAToday for ----day. PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THE DATE THAT THE GAME YOU'RE PICKING IS GOING TO BE PLAYED we're...
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    Updated Standings in GopherHole NCAA Bracket Competition Saturday's Games

    This is one of the weirdest NCAA competitions since we started doing it. Nobody I've seen had Butler in their final four and I have yet to see anyone who has Michigan State either. (Haven't looked at all the brackets so there may be someone who had the Spartans.) That means that for the vast...

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