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  1. nsmike

    West Virginia perspective on the match up

    Minnesota - Bad Matchup I have not done a deep dive into Minnesota but a few things stuck out to me as I reviewed them. They are a top ten rush defense, allowing only 100 yards per game (last year they allowed 200 yards per game). They are a top 10 passing yard defense allowing only 184 yards...
  2. nsmike

    11:00 For Illinois
  3. nsmike

    Sagarin Ratings?

    I haven't seen any discussion of Sagarin Ratings, for a while, have people stopped following them? He has us at nearly 8 1/2 points better than Maryland.
  4. nsmike

    The Colorado Game at a Sports Bar?

    I think rather then jump through hoops to watch the Colorado game at home I'll just go out to a sports bar. Does anyone know of one that will be carrying the game.
  5. nsmike

    MarQueis Gray signs with the 49'ers

    I was looking at the NFL Transactions on ESPN, to see if what was happening with former Gophers. The one transaction I saw was that MarQueis had signed with SF.
  6. nsmike

    Chris Doyle at Iowa is Gone

    No surprise
  7. nsmike

    Go Sun Devils

    It appears the Sun Devils have stuck a fork into the Ducks and cooked their CFP chances 31-21 with 3:35 left.
  8. nsmike

    CFP #8

    We're ranked 8th
  9. nsmike

    Eric Murray Traded to the Browns
  10. nsmike

    Brady's Patriots Lose in Miricle Finish

    There's a great shot of Tom Brady at the 50 second mark of this clip of Miami's miracle win over the Patriots. It nice to see the shoe on the other foot for a change,
  11. nsmike

    Former Gopher Captain Norries Wilson Joins Fleck's Staff as Director of Player Dev

    Football Scoop has an announcement, saying that Norries is leaving Rutgers and coming back to the U, as the Director of Player Development. He made one of my all time favorite football memories when they put him in as a NT (he was an OL) on the goal line. He hit the center so hard he knocked him...
  12. nsmike

    Pat Poore Lands Back at SIU

    According to Football Scoop, Pat Poore, was named receivers coach at SIU. He had previously worked there prior to following Jerry Kill to NIU and Minnesota.
  13. nsmike

    Former Commits Trey Creamer and Raheem Layne Commit to B1G Schools

    Former cornerback commits Trey Creamer and Raheem Layne commit to other B1G schools. Trey Creamer commited to Iowa and Raheem Layne to Indiana. TC to Iowa hurts the most!
  14. nsmike

    Raheem Layne Decommits

    247 has Raheem Layne as decommiting
  15. nsmike

    Former DL Coach Phelps to Washington State

    Former Defensive Line Coach Jeff Phelps lands at Washington State. Even though I don't blame AD Coyle for wanting to go in a new direction I still appreciate the efforts of the former staff and wish all of them the best of luck.
  16. nsmike


    Fleck has an opportunity to be a good hire, but given all of his positive attributes, by his own admission he's not a great X's and O's guy, he depends on his coordinators for that. I'm tempering my enthusiasm, until I know who they are, if he brings hi O-Coordinator with him, that will be a...
  17. nsmike

    Early Prediction on Kaler/Coyle

    It'll take a couple of years to play out, but when all is said and done and the court cases are settled, neither Kaler or Coyle will still be at the U. The problem is that we will have lost a good football coach and better person due to their incompetence.
  18. nsmike

    Appreciating the Win

    After surveying the results of Minnesota sports teams this weekend I'm appreciating the win. Gopher Football and Gopher Woman's hockey, were the winners, everyone else lost. The Lynx on Thursday night, MN United got knocked out of contention for the play offs, the Wild lost twice, the Vikings...
  19. nsmike


    Watching McSorley run around yesterday I found my self wishing that Devers was available. I never thought I'd want a freshman in the game so much.
  20. nsmike

    Mortell for Mr Irrelevant

    As we are deep into the sixth round of the draft, my thoughts drifted to wondering, who would be Mr Irrelevant. It then occurred to me that Mortell would be the best Mr Irrelevant ever.

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