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  1. noamfromm

    Wanted: Single ticket for Badger game

    Shoot me a dm with what you'd want for one (or two if you're trying to unload a pair)
  2. noamfromm

    Scalper Tickets

    Does anyone know if there are still scalpers with the digital tickets? Where do they stand?
  3. noamfromm

    Scholarships to Walk-ons under Fleck

    In the Max Grand commitment thread he mentioned that we have averaged ~4.5 walk ons getting a scholarship per year. I was curious if that was actually the case. It turns out we have given 19 players scholarships. The information is hard to find but I think the ones that received multi-year...
  4. noamfromm

    Four Game B1G Winning Streak

    Since we last won a share of the Big Ten title (1967) we have won four straight B1G games 5 times ('73, '13, '16, '19, '21). If we look at 5 game B1G winning streaks only three coaches have had them: Bierman (5), Warmath (3), & Fleck (1). When we look historically Fleck is actually doing what he...
  5. noamfromm

    Minnesota Defacto Option Team?

    The only 3 teams that run the ball a higher percentage than we do are Air Force, Army and Navy. We have run 455 plays which leaves us at 108th nationally. Additionally when looking at adjusted tempo we are second to last with only Air Force being slower than us.
  6. noamfromm

    Jeff Horton & Nevada Football After spending nearly two decades building Wolf Pack football, Chris Ault handed over the reins of his...
  7. noamfromm

    Mike Sanford Maryland Comments per Burns "When you're playing in the PAC-12, Mountain West or Conference USA Football, and it's no slight to anybody, but you just don't see the level of...
  8. noamfromm

    Can you name the schools against whom we have a winning record since division play started (2011)?

    At least we are not a complete bottom feeder -- I like to think best of the rest.
  9. noamfromm

    Tailgating Rules

    Does anyone know if dogs are allowed in the lots? Edit: nevermind found the answer is no
  10. noamfromm

    Illinois Victory Lot Pass (SOLD)

  11. noamfromm

    Error posting on site

    I'm routinely getting a 404 when trying to post to the site -- if I refresh the page 2-5 times I'm usually able to like or post. ``` POST 404 PHP: <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">...
  12. noamfromm

    Marching Band Pregame

    I couldn't find the information online -- what time does the pregame show start?
  13. noamfromm

    Mask Mandate Boulder County

    Calling anyone who has information about Boulder, specifically @WriterGoph, are there bars / restaurants with patios or options for drinking / socializing outside on Friday or Saturday? I don't care for the stress of being mask conscious at restaurants and would like to find places that have an...
  14. noamfromm

    New Emojis

    I think the 🤔 emoji would be a good addition for reacting to posts.
  15. noamfromm

    Paid Gopherhole Membership

    I was on the HuskerMax forum the other day I found out that they pay 20 dollars for the ability to post for a year. It seemed to be a low enough bar for those of us who enjoy posting , and a high enough bar to keep out the people who only want to come after losses, etc. I don't know if this...
  16. noamfromm

    Gopher's Annual Final Game

    I am curious if anyone knows why there was a change in Minnesota's traditional closing game being against Wisconsin, to Iowa and now finally back to Wisconsin. Between 1933 - 1982 we played Wisconsin every season on Thanksgiving weekend (save for '43 we played Iowa Pre Flight). From 1983- 2010...
  17. noamfromm

    Minnesota v. Notre Dame History

    In light of the Wisconsin game against Notre Dame I was curious about our own history against them. We have played them the the second fewest times (5) of the historic Big Ten members, Ohio State is just ahead of us at 6 and the Chicago Maroons only played Notre Dame 2 times (both wins) in their...

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