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  1. Taji34

    Tweet: Spring Game Rosters Set!

    Maroon seems to have more of the projected starters on Offense, while Gold has more of the projected starters on Defense, at least from what I can tell skimming the images.
  2. Taji34

    PFF Twitter: Which CFB rivalry trophy is the best? 🏆

    The picture in the tweet has all 4 of our "official" rivalry trophies in it.
  3. Taji34

    30 Members of The Pride of Minnesota marching band will represent Minnesota and the US at the World Expo in Dubai March 3-9!

    This is very exciting! They will perform in Stage Shows and a Parade to generate excitement for Minnesota's bid to host the World Expo in 2027. Make sure to follow along on the band's social media, and like and share these posts!
  4. Taji34

    Huntington Bank decided not to sign option to extend naming rights after TCF merger

    This means the naming rights to the stadium will be up for grabs when the current deal expires in 2031.
  5. Taji34

    Uniform Combo for tomorrow

    All maroon, chrome gold helmet decals and grill.
  6. Taji34

    Senior Day tweets
  7. Taji34

    Chair Week Fundraiser - WE'RE CURRENTLY LOSING

    It's year 5 of the Chair week fundraising competition, and we're currently losing to Nebraska Nebraska has raised $5,373 for Team Jack vs us raising $4,440 for the "Casey O'Brien's Team One Four Infusion Center Transformation Fund at University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital". Let's...
  8. Taji34

    First shutout for the Gophers since . . .?

    When was the last time we secured a shutout?
  9. Taji34

    Week 2 Top 25 rankings thread

    USA TODAY Sports AFCA Coaches Poll: Rank Team Points FPV 1 Alabama 1624 64 2 Georgia 1537 1 3 Ohio State 1491 0 4 Oklahoma 1397 0 5 Texas A&M 1334 0 6 Clemson 1239 0 7 Notre Dame 1197 0 8 Cincinnati 1113 0 9 Florida 1058 0 10 Iowa State 1057 0 11 Oregon 920 0 12 Iowa...
  10. Taji34

    Reusse: Ohio State unbeatable? Gophers history, both ancient and recent, suggests otherwise
  11. Taji34

    Roll Call: Folks traveling from out of MN for the game

    My brother and I are flying in Thursday morning from Seattle, WA. Where are other folks coming from?
  12. Taji34

    ESPN+: College football's top 10 potential breakout players for 2021 (Boye Mafe)

    Unfortunately I can't read the article as it's paid, however someone on r/cfb posted the important bit: If anyone has an ESPN+ subscription and wants to read/pull out any more relevant info here is the link...
  13. Taji34

    The Athletic: Big Ten, Pac-12, ACC alliance expected to be formally announced soon

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