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  1. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Lindsay Whalen eligible for 2022 Naismath Hall of Fame class

    Besides Manu a pretty average list of HOF candidates.
  2. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Black Jerseys

    Black Thursday for the Gophers if they lose and Black Thursday for Ohio State if Minnesota wins.
  3. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    PJ with PA

    Close to 90% are vaccinated. Good for real life but does it mean anything when anyone who gets COVID won't be allowed to play and vaccinated people can get COVID.
  4. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Confernce Realignment Chaos is Here!!!!!! (maybe ... probabbly not) (Rumor Texas and OK reach out to SEC about joining)

    I don't think the Michigan/Ohio State rumor goes very far. There's no history of Michigan a/o Ohio State wanting to leave the B1G. Oklahoma and Texas have been tied to every major conference the last decade. This is earlier than expected but seemed inevitable at some point.
  5. Buttcheeks McGaffigan


    M It hasn't ended well for a Gopher head coach (not always their fault) in over 50 years.
  6. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    This CF season is pointless

    It is pointless when the local team is 0-2.
  7. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    [POST GAME THREAD] Maryland defeats Minnesota 45 - 44

    They look like a team who wasn't expecting to play a season.
  8. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Purdue coach says...

    Lincoln Riley to the Cowboys. Fleck if the Gophers win to Oklahoma.
  9. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Why is Virginia in the Orange Bowl?

    Illinois was only 9-3 when they made the Rose Bowl in 2007.
  10. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    please choose an avatar

    I like Laurel and Hardy.
  11. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Gopher Bowl projection

    The ACC school might be Virginia Tech. Win their last two games and they win the Coastal and would end the regular season at 9-3.
  12. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Who do you want to see as the Gophers next coach?

    There's only one man qualified to take over this mess.
  13. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    How would you feel about a player wearing a legends number?

    Last week against Notre Dame Devin Gardner wore the #98 of Tom Harmon. How would you feel if the Gophers did something similar? Each conference home game and one non-conference game one player is selected to wear the retired number of a Gopher Legend.
  14. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    For Fun: What is your all time Gopher NBA roster? G-Ray Williams G-Archie Clark C-Mychael Thompson PF-Kevin McHale SF-Lou Hudson Bench:G- Bobby Jackson, G-Vashon Lenard, G-Trent Tucker, C-Joel Pryzbilla, F-Mark Olberding, F-Willie Burton, F/C- Jim Brewer
  15. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Joe Salem and Hayden Fry

    Both hired the same offseason by their respective universities. Did the Gophers miss an opportunity with Fry, and who were some of the other candidates for the Gopher job?
  16. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Not securing the borders?

    At least not the Class of 2013. The top four MN players according to Rivals are all committed to other schools. In a pretty weak senior class losing out on four of the best in state players is frustrating. Kill did a good job last year so what's gone wrong this year.
  17. Buttcheeks McGaffigan

    Moses Alipate

    I was just looking at the team roster and he's listed at 297 pounds. Is that right and why the does a TE need to way 297 pounds?

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