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  1. GopherWeatherGuy

    All Things 2022 Minnesota Timberwolves Off-Season Thread

    Might as well get it started after last night. They are done. Trade KAT to OKC, draft Keegan Murray Sign Valanciunas or Nurkic Hand the key's of the franchise to Ant Win more games next season
  2. GopherWeatherGuy

    Official 2025 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    A 2025 WR from Lee Summit, Missouri with several offers already was on campus yesterday.
  3. GopherWeatherGuy

    If you think recruiting is easy…

    Listen to this story
  4. GopherWeatherGuy

    At the end of the day, we are still just human

    Despite the frustrations we’ve had with Morgan this season, or players and coaches now and in the past, they are still just human beings like you and I. The Morgan’s have been through a lot this year, and despite my own criticisms of his play this year, I hope he is able to bounce back and have...
  5. GopherWeatherGuy

    Weather @ Iowa

    The weather will be perfect for early November this Saturday against Illinois with sunshine, a high of 60, and light winds. Next week things get more interesting. A large storm system will bring in warm air, and even the potential for T-Storms across S MN next Wednesday into Thursday. Much...
  6. GopherWeatherGuy


    Summer is just getting going which means we are only 100 days from kickoff vs Ohio St! Get that chili started! 100 Rodney Smith and Goldy
  7. GopherWeatherGuy

    Keonte Schad has Entered the Transfer Portal

    I was excited for Schad when he committed here, but he didn't quite make the impact that I was hoping for. This is not surprising to me considering our increased depth at DT. Good luck Keonte.
  8. GopherWeatherGuy

    Blind Resume Poll: Gopher Head Coach Candidates

    Here are 6 possibilities mentioned regularly on here to replace Pitino as the Gophers head coach. For NCAA tournament appearances I am counting last season if they already won their conference, or were a lock to make the tournament. Seasons as a head coach and winning percentage includes this...
  9. GopherWeatherGuy

    Craig Smith

    Craig Smith is the perfect coach for this job and someone will throw a bunch of money at him after this season. Pitino’s teams have talent, but the lack of consistency is due to poor coaching. Good coaches continue to beat Pitino, and it’s time we hire a good coach in Craig Smith after this season.
  10. GopherWeatherGuy

    Liam Robbins will play in the NBA

    With how much he's progressed in just two seasons, there is no doubt in my mind that Robbins will get drafted and play in the NBA. He's a legit 7 footer with the frame to get stronger, is great around the basket on offense and defense, and has a nice looking outside shot that will only get better.
  11. GopherWeatherGuy

    Iowa at Minnesota Post Game Thread

    Fuck Iowa! Merry Christmas!
  12. GopherWeatherGuy

    Axe Weather

    Right now the weather doesn't look too bad for December 19th in Madison, WI. A cold front will likely push through the area early Saturday morning, and could bring a quick 1/2"-1" of snow well before kickoff. Dry conditions are expected during the game. Temperatures will drop from the mid 30's...
  13. GopherWeatherGuy

    Looking forward to next year

    I don't see any early NFL departures anymore, other than Bateman, maybe.
  14. GopherWeatherGuy

    Weather vs Iowa

    Our temperatures will tank later today, and we'll likely see accumulating snow in the Twin Cities tomorrow afternoon, but the weather on Friday night doesn't look too bad. Warmer air will work its way back into the area on Friday, with dry condition expected. A game time temperature of 34...
  15. GopherWeatherGuy

    Report: Wisconsin QB Graham Mertz tests positive for COVID-19

    Just days after his spectacular performance in Wisconsin’s win over Illinois, Badgers quarterback Graham Mertz has reportedly tested positive for COVID-19. The team still has to confirm that test, but he could miss significant time if he does have the virus. According to the Wisconsin State...
  16. GopherWeatherGuy

    Game day weather vs Michigan

    It looks like it's going to be a wet Thursday/Friday, but that should move out of MN by Saturday. It's going to be cold though. Kickoff weather: Mostly Cloudy, with a temperature of 32º and a NW wind of 10-15 mph. Temps will fall into the upper 20s by the end of the game, with winds decreasing...

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