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  1. LakevilleBro

    Famous people you have seen up close and where was it?

    What famous people have you seen up close and where was it? I saw Steven Tyler in an Orlando airport bathroom, (no jokes please), and I saw Eric Clapton in the City Center food court many years ago, on the day of his concert.
  2. LakevilleBro

    Take the Wonderlic test and report your score.

    NFL prospects for years, have had to take a Wonderlic intelligence test. This years NFL draftees scored between 9 and 40 on this test. Here is the link, if you want to take it. I raced...
  3. LakevilleBro

    NFL draft predictions for our Gopher players. Bragging rights to the winner.

    With the NFL draft just over a month away. Let's make predictions for which Gophers will be drafted and in what round. I will go first. AWjr 2nd Round TJ 5th Round Sorry, I do not see any other Gophers getting drafted, but I hope I am wrong. GO GOPHERS!
  4. LakevilleBro

    What will ESPN's daily content be going forward?

    I am sure you all will have good ideas.
  5. LakevilleBro

    Justin Gaard wants MN to keep Pitino

    On Enough Said, Justin Gaard said that the Gophers should keep Pitino, because he has done a good job here. What is his definition of a good job? Has Justin even watched the games over the last 7 years? I'm asking for a friend.
  6. LakevilleBro

    Tanner Morgan thoughts

    Tanner Morgan was a 3 star high school recruit, without any Power 5 offers. PJ saw something in him, and he was set to go to Western Michigan. We were lucky to get both PJ and Tanner. Tanner is now halfway through his college career, and he has 2 bowl wins, is one of the top returning Big Ten...
  7. LakevilleBro

    Pitino era is over, start the search now.

    Same result the last 2 home games. We get a lead and completely lose it in the 2nd half. No points in the last 5:25 in the last game, and only ONE field goal in the last 7:18 in the game today. The team looked like it was being coached by parent, at a local health club gym.
  8. LakevilleBro

    Gopher's end of game meltdown vs Chaka Khan's National Anthem performance.

    I was annoyed by the Gophers not scoring in the last 5:25 minutes of their home game today, and getting outscored 11-0. Then I watched Chaka Khan's performance at the NBA All Star game, and now I feel much better about the Gophers.
  9. LakevilleBro

    Thoughts on players announcing they were just offered a scholarship from a school?

    What are your thoughts on players announcing on social media, that they were offered scholarships by certain schools? It seems like it should be more private, but maybe I would do the same thing if I was a high school Senior. Just wondering what others think of this. GO GOPHERS.
  10. LakevilleBro

    Lack of MN recruits and these MN players are now College Seniors.

    It is great that Lindsay Whalen is recruiting MN players, compared to the previous coaches lack of interest in MN players. It would have been nice to have Taylor Koenen (North Carolina), Abi Scheid (Northwestern), Kiara Russell and Jamie Ruden, (Arizona State), and Hanna Crymble (Vermont) on...
  11. LakevilleBro

    MOHAMED IBRAHIM rushing yards in our last 2 bowl games

    My first post! Just a thought about Mohamed Ibrahim's rushing totals for our last 2 bowl games is 364 yards! This is really a remarkable effort, and I am not sure that this is getting much notice. GO GOPHERS!

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