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    Hoosier cb, returner in portal

    We've also offered Beanie Bishop from WKU who was a Conference USA First-Team DB and Honorable Mention Kick Returner. He averaged 24+ yards on his 25 KO returns this season.
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    Gopher volleyball tickets available

    I also have two available. Message me and I can transfer them to you. Sec 102, Row 20, Seats 9&10 $15 each.
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    STrib: With all-white leadership, Gophers athletic department under fresh scrutiny to improve diversity; Coyle has hired 11 white head coaches

    I wouldn't think the BC job would be appealing but Gates getting to live and work in the same city as his wife and children might make it an easy choice:
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    Cleveland State playing at 5:30 CT on ESPNU

    Gates is mentioned in regards to the BC and PSU openings. I would think the MN job was preferable to both but his wife works in the BC AD and is from the East Coast:
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    UNC assistant coach Jovan Dewitt tweets out a photo of him traveling to recruit during a “dead period” ... then deletes tweet

    The NCAA is so mad at about this they're going to give Cleveland State another year of probation.
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    Gopher Softball 2020

    The Strib says Trachsel's contract expires at the end of May and Coyle offered her a one year extension. I can only assume he wanted her out. I hope he has a great replacement waiting in the wings.
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    please choose an avatar

    Nope, not Annie's.
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    please choose an avatar

    My wife and I celebrating our anniversary at the same place we had our wedding reception. Can you name the venue??

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