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  1. nsmike

    CBS: Panthers' Damien Wilson arrested after ex-girlfriend says he threatened to kill her, per report

    I checked the law in Texas, domestic assault/ w strangulation, can be 2-10 yrs.
  2. nsmike

    All Things 2021 Gophers in the NFL Thread

    It appears that Ryan Santoso is signing with the Jaguars.
  3. nsmike

    T Johnson

    What ever TJ's problems are with Brady, there are teams, in need of a 3rd wide receiver option. If they can't fill that need in the draft a trade would be possible for a mid round draft pick. Absent a trade if he's cut some team will pick him up.
  4. nsmike

    Big Ten Football: Ranking the Rosters for 2022 (#9. Minnesota)

    Recruiting matters, but it's only one factor, retention, player development, and transfers in, also matter. Rating rosters by recruiting average is overly simplistic.
  5. nsmike

    Official Gopher Interesting Tweets

    Wenger is the Special Teams coach, so it could be something as simple as, Glaze being told that he'll no longer practice with the special teams.
  6. nsmike

    Michigan HC Jim Harbaugh reportedly interviewing with the Vikings

    PJ won't go to Michigan, he has said many times that he wants to build his own legacy, he can't do that at Michigan
  7. nsmike

    T Johnson

    I hope he makes the roster next year, three qualifying years, gets you a small pension from the NFL at 55. I believe you need to be on the roster for three games for a good year.
  8. nsmike

    Mo is coming back!

    I have read that changes in the surgical procedure for an achilles tendon rupture, in the last few years, have greatly improved outcomes. Akers may be an example of that.
  9. nsmike

    Michigan President Fired for Inappropriate Relationship with Subordinate

    The irony here is that he was fired under a policy he implemented last summer!
  10. nsmike

    Clark to Missouri State

    I'll be pulling for both Clark and Annexstad to beat NDSU!
  11. nsmike

    Badgers o-line coach, top recruiter to VaTech

    I suspect that Joe Rudolph's leaving will be felt most in recruiting!
  12. nsmike

    Big Ten West depth stands above all

    Aidan O'Connell is the most dangerous QB in the West but I'm not sure about the other pieces. I would outright fear a QB like him on Iowa or Wisconsin!
  13. nsmike

    Big Ten West depth stands above all

    After this bowl season, it's apparent that for the B10 West to be relevant on the national stage, they need to upgrade their QB play. We have all the pieces except for dominant passing attacks.
  14. nsmike

    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    The games that really matter are B1G vs SEC. I'm puling for Michigan vs Georgia, PSU vs Arkansas, and Iowa vs Kentucky. I do have to hold my nose on the last one, but I want to put an end to the, "the Sec is the best conference garbage!
  15. nsmike

    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    That would require playing defense which seems to be a foreign concept in this game.
  16. nsmike

    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    ISU lost their last regular season game to WVA.
  17. nsmike

    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    Not by much it's the change of possession TV timeouts that are a killer.
  18. nsmike

    2021 Other Bowl Games Thread

    I'm starting to worry that TT/MSU will affect our game 6.25 left to play
  19. nsmike

    Bowl Cancellations

    Your right Central Michigan is in Tucson!
  20. nsmike

    Bowl Cancellations

    It's a done deal it's a four hour drive from Phoenix to El Paso.

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