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    What Gophers Could Be Drafted In 2023?

    Saw a way-too-early mock draft for 2023 and it got me thinking...which of our Gophers have the best chance to hear their names called by the NFL next April? JMS - could be one of the best centers in college football this coming season; should have a good shot in the pros. Tyler Nubin - if he...
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    The Journey: Ben Johnson Returns To Minnesota

    Just aired last week. Worth the 5 minutes for sure if you haven't seen it yet!
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    DT Transfer Target Visiting?

    Looks like Chris Smith Jr - DT from Harvard - is on an official this weekend. First Team All-Ivy League this past season. One year to play. Could be another nice addition for our DL depth!
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    Strib: VERY solid Eric Curry Feature

    For all the complaining some people do about Curry, this is a great in-depth piece talking about everything he has gone through in his time at Minnesota. Not sure many players have sacrificed as much and worked as hard to get back on the court multiple times as Eric. Thanks for being a Gopher...
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    Braelon Allen, you've been PUNKED!

    The fact BTN clearly intended to film this for a big day from Braelon Allen and then we absolutely took his will and heart away is so so great.
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    Why is 2022 a "tough rebuild year"?

    I saw this mentioned on another thread and I know a few weeks ago, some were chalking 2022 up to a rebuilding year. But I'd like to lay out the position groups and what we KNOW we have back but also what we THINK we may have back too. QB - We know what we have and Tanner is at the very very...
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    What day does Fall Camp start? Open practices?

    Haven't been able to find this anywhere, but does anyone know which date fall camp actually kicks off? Guessing it has to be early next week sometime. Also, has any kind of schedule been released showing open practices for fans?
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    Tanner Morgan's Father Passes Away?

    I haven't looked online yet, but a buddy in the know just texted me and said that Tanner's father passed away this evening. Sounds like it potentially had to do with the brain tumor. Very very sad if true. I hope Tanner has a strong support system around him for this extremely difficult time...
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    Awesome Bateman feature from The Ringer

    Worth the read for sure.
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    Wait, wait, wait!! Did Arizona just hire a guy with zero HC experience?

    Last time I checked, Arizona was a P6 program. According to many posters on here, only a total joke of a program like Minnesota would ever hire a guy who had only been an assistant coach. What gives? Did Arizona move down to D2? How can their AD have a job anymore?
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    Spring Ball: Anybody have info on potential dates?

    Obviously things are fluid with COVID, but has anyone heard anything about potential spring ball? Clearly it seems like April would be the earliest start date at this point, but I guess they could push as late as early May (can't recall when finals at the U are). I wonder if it's also possible...
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    POLL: Do you want the Gophers to make the NCAA Tourney if it means Pitino returns for another season?

    Perfect timing for this to see how our fan base breaks down...
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    Wiscy Game Canceled
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    Should Penn State Dissolve Their Football Program?

    I mean, they are 0-4 in 2020. Worst team in the Big Ten. I mean, they have to seriously consider firing Franklin right? Kirk C must be a horrible OC. I mean, what about all their Top 10 recruiting classes? What are they gonna do?!?? This is unacceptable right? :rolleyes::unsure:
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    What player(s) from each position group are you most excited to see?

    I thought as we're trying to kill some time leading up to Michigan, it would be interesting to see who everyone is most looking forward to seeing on the field. There are some obvious choices like Bateman, Tanner and Mo, but I am going to try steer clear of the stars on my list. Feel free to...
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    ACC Releases Updated Football Plan

    Via my ESPN CFB friend: ACC Football: · The season’s first games will take place the week of Sept. 7-12 · The 2020 scheduling model includes 11 games (10 plus one: 10 conference and one non-conference) · All non-conference game opponents, selected by the respective school, must be...
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    Ohio State Shuts Down Workouts Due To COVID

    Press release just went out. Story forthcoming
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    Fantastic ESPN Story featuring Rashod Bateman re: Players Speaking Out

    Really excellent piece. Although mjfelton will probably say these players' stories are just "leftist posturing" or something. Enjoy the read!

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