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    Game Replay

    Is the IL game only available for replay on BTN Plus? Now that Noonkick is dead its hard to find replays or video without DVR. Any help?
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    Mike Sherels

    I'm sure its been talked about in other threads but is he being retained? Haven't seen anything reported but noticed his wife tweeted something about him working hard recruiting or something (only saw it because someone retweeted, wasn't Twitter stalking). Then heard Doogie say that Sherels...
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    Well it was a good (well mediocre... maybe even bad) run

    This was the straw that broke the camels back. I know nobody cares but allow me to vent briefly. I'm 32 years old. Grew up in Minneapolis and have always been a fan of my hometown teams. No bandwagoning here. That's what a real fan does. But now I'm older, I've got a wife and 4 boys. Life...
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    2015 Offensive Revamp

    So it looks like we're about to see a large shift in offensive philosophy. Part of this was planned as there was definitely an emphasis on the no huddle this offseason. However I do think part of this will be by necessity. With Plsek and Duke possibly out for the year our pure TEs are...
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    CFB QB Numbers This Week

    Lets take a look at B1G games NW V Stanford Clayton Thorson 12/24 105 4.4 0 0 Kevin Hogan 20/35 155 4.4 0 1 Iowa v Illinois St C.J. Beathard 15/24 211 8.8 1 0 PSU v Temple Christian Hackenberg 11/25 103 4.1 0 1 P.J. Walker 15/20 143 7.2 0 0 Nebraska v BYU Tommy Armstrong Jr...
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    Lets Calm Down About the Offense

    I consider myself a realist when it comes to this Foozeball fandom thing. I think some Gopher fans need to accept some things and move on before they have an ulcer. The offense last night wasn’t great but it wasn’t as bad as it seems. Why? - Lets remember who TCU is. Patterson has...
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    Fruechte Catches On

    Gophers could end up with 5-6 guys on opening day rosters
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    Next Year's Offensive Philosophy

    Does it change? We all know that to this point that Kill and Limey have really played things close to the vest and have focused more on minimizing mistakes and winning the field position battle while then trying to capitalize on short fields and turnovers (the only times when this offense has...
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    Minus McNeal are we done?

    We now have 4 scholarship guards/wings to run a 3 guard offense. Love Kendall Shell but we have no depth now. The only hope is if Buggs can play big minutes at the 3 and who knows how that will work. This is why having 2 open scholarships is pretty problematic
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    State Tourneu Online?

    Anyone know where out of state folks can watch the championship games online?
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    Banned from

    Because one of their posters began attacking me out of the blue, offered to fight me as he lives in MPLS. He called me an internet coward, I asked him how to reach him personally to continue the conversation and now I'm banned, lol. I've been trying to be cordial but man what a bunch of panty...
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    Anyone have Insider?

    Interested in seeing what these 2 articles say
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    Teague Hired

    Supposedly official now. Commence to celebrate/wring your hands
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    1st half thoughts

    Came out a bit flat defensively as one could expect. Not exactly lazy or unfocused, just not a ton of intensity. Once they picked it up we pulled away Hoff is a monster against anyone that isn't a great athlete or really long. Still his game has improved enough that he can get his shot off...
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    Another Gopher Preview

    Just saw that Down with Goldy is pimping his blog here (excellent job, by the way. Been reading since last year) I figured I'd let you know that there's a Gopher hoops preview up on FBT (for those that don't follow football that's MV's site that's blown up in the last year). I'll be doing some...
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    Is LW a jerk?

    I've been wondering this for a while. I like him as a player but his body language has always been bad. If a teammate makes a mistake or turns the ball over its not rare at all to see him throw his arms down in a mini tantrum. He's also just always seemed kind of distant from the rest of his...
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    Game Updates?

    Whats going on?
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    TS playing both ways 2?

    On play4brew there's a video of Coach Lee mic'd up. In the video you see TS working with the DBs and then the next clip you hear Lee yelling intructions to Troy. I know people have gone back and forth about TS playing offense but it looks like he may play both...
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    Paul Carter

    Today I've been re-watching the 2 Wisky games from last year and I have to say that I love Paul Carter's game. He had some rough moments like dribbling the ball off his knee and some bricks but the potential is there for a very very good all around player. Everyone gave Westbrook the credit...
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    Hey Brewster Haters/Transfer complainers

    For everyone who moans and groans about our attrition rates and claim that there is somethign wrong with Brewster because guys have left or complain that we take too many risks on players and say that high profile programs don't take risks or don't have issues with guys transferring or not...

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