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  1. fmlizard

    2021: Winningest P5 season away from home ever

    The 2021 Gophers were the first team in school history to win 5 games against P5 competition on the road or at a neutral site. The 2019 and 2003 Gophers each won 4, as did a couple teams of the more distant past.
  2. fmlizard

    Big Ten West depth stands above all

    The Big Ten West seems to be maligned for not having a historical super-power team, but the depth! The West is the only division in college football with 4 teams with at least 9 wins, regardless of the outcome of any remaining bowl games. Most full conferences don't have that many. ACC...
  3. fmlizard

    East vs West in 2021: 32-31

    The aggregate records of the divisions in 2021 was East 32, West 31 - or as even as possible given an odd number of games. Crossover games were East 11, West 10. Play on.
  4. fmlizard

    7 P5 Victories in far

    7 P5 wins in the 2021 season ties the 2019 season for the most in a Gophers regular season since the 1960s. The 2019 team picked up #8 in the bowl game, and here's hoping this squad does the same.
  5. fmlizard

    yes, we're storming the field tomorrow

    doesn't matter a hoot whether it's for the West crown or not. There's an Axe and it's been a long time since it's been captured at home and goddamit at least one crazy bastard is running out there so whoooooos with me...
  6. fmlizard

    Nebraska to retain Frost

    The Athletic (subscription) reporting Frost will be back for 2022, under a "restructured contract" Will put a favorite topic of tangential debate to rest for a few months at least...
  7. fmlizard

    The decline of home field advantage?

    Gophers now 3-3 at home this year, and 3-0 on the road. While we're just one team in one season, it's part of a larger trend in football. In the NFL, away teams have actually won more this season than home teams, at a record of 70-65. During the 2020 season when stands were partially or...
  8. fmlizard

    Gopher team statistical superlatives

    I was checking out the Big Ten team stats and found a few places where the Gophers stand out. Note that there aren't any serious places where the Gophers rank at the bottom and quite a few meaningful stats where the good guys are at the top. Most areas are at least mid-pack except volume...
  9. fmlizard

    Is Minnesota still alive for CFP?

    Ok, this is admittedly crazy and highly unlikely, but would a 11-2 Big Ten Champion Gopher team make the CFP? The first loss - Ohio State in Week 1 in a competitive game - is textbook survivable. It would likely be avenged in this win-out scenario. Is the BG affair too damning to ever...
  10. fmlizard

    Week 5 Lead Pipe Locks

    Who ya got this week? Spread Arkansas +18.5 @ Georgia Kansas St +10.5 vs Oklahoma Purdue -2.5 vs Minnesota (sigh) Moneyline Arkansas +780 @ Georgia Notre Dame -102 vs Cincinnati Bowling Green +570 @ Kent St Indiana +410 @ Penn St I also like Maryland to upset Iowa tonight, but wasn't getting...
  11. fmlizard

    Cole Kramer

    First, this isn't the "bench Tanner Morgan" thread. He stunk today, but he's done a lot for this program and the problems today were far from his alone. Protection was as bad as I've seen it in years, and probably the worst given the talent level of the opponent. Receivers clearly were not...
  12. fmlizard

    Week 4 National Polls

    No votes for the Gophers. A little frustrating given that a whole bunch of 1 loss teams and even a few 2 loss teams got them. Many of those teams do not have a P5 or a road win, nor a loss nearly as good as Ohio State. A few resumes considered superior: Tennessee - def Bowling Green and FCS...
  13. fmlizard

    Week 3 Stone Cold Locks

    Degenerates, who ya got? I'm on: Virginia Tech +122 @ West Virginia Minnesota @ Colorado Over 48.5 Iowa -22.5 vs Kent State Tulane +14.5 @ Ole Miss Tulane +500 @ Ole Miss
  14. fmlizard

    Matthew Trickett Appreciation Thread!

    What a night for our new kicker! 4/4 XP 1 46 yd FG Allowed only one return for 19 yards on 6 kickoffs Dragan Kesich did this. Kudos to him too! He looked all-Big Ten caliber last night and should make a 1-3 win difference in close games. Huge! So happy he is here.
  15. fmlizard

    Mel Kiper's first Big Board

    Mo #7 RB Faalele #5 OT Mafe #7 OLB (ESPN+ subscription required)
  16. fmlizard

    Gophers at NIL disadvantage? Huskers, Iowa to benefit?

    Pure theory here, but could the Gophers be a less lucrative destination in a NIL world than some other Big Ten schools? Consider that there are a certain amount of local sponsorship / endorsement deals available for athletes. MSP is larger than a lot of other Big Ten markets, so the pie is...
  17. fmlizard

    Power rank the Big Ten after Week 5

    1. Ohio State 2. Northwestern 3. Indiana 4. Wisconsin 5. Iowa 6. Maryland 7. Michigan 8. Minnesota 9. Purdue 10. Michigan State 11. Illinois 12. Rutgers 13. Nebraska 14. Penn State (they probably aren't the worst but hard to put them anywhere else)
  18. fmlizard

    Northwestern v Purdue for the Big Ten West?

    Could be a sneaky big game tomorrow. Purdue missed the Madison Coronavirus Cluster and had a soft schedule to begin with. After NW it's Minnesota, Rutgers, Nebraska before the suddenly difficult looking Bucket game with Indiana. It's not impossible that they could go undefeated through the...
  19. fmlizard

    WIS QB Jack Coan out indefinitely

    Injured his foot at practice. Set to undergo surgery. 😮
  20. fmlizard

    Finishing Predictions?

    We've seen the schedule, there's going to be a season. How does it go? *Minnesota 6-2 Wisconsin 6-2 Purdue 5-3 Iowa 4-4 Illinois 4-4 Northwestern 2-6 Nebraska 1-7 *Ohio State 8-0 Penn State 6-2 Michigan 6-2 Indiana 4-4 Maryland 3-5 Michigan State 1-7 Rutgers 0-8 Gophers lose to Michigan and...

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