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  1. dpodoll68

    Greater Minnesota Hidden Gems

    Perhaps there's a joke I'm missing, and my apologies if so, but Gary is Jake's dad.
  2. dpodoll68

    Gophers football coach P.J. Fleck on last season: 'I failed'

    Pessimism and negativity don't equal "honesty"
  3. dpodoll68

    Royce White

    I'm shocked (shocked I tell you!) that this mentally ill toolshed is a regressive.
  4. dpodoll68

    St. Thomas Looking to Buy T&C for New Arena

    Well, yeah - every single one of those guys was recruited by a D3 school to play D3 basketball. They will have an inexperienced roster for a while, but at least on paper, guys like Ahjany Lee, Kendall Blue, and Carter Bjerke are vastly better than their current players.
  5. dpodoll68

    Media Prediction Thread: Minnesota vs West Virginia

    It's actually pretty surprising that Vannini picked Minnesota. He's been one of the main CFB writers for the Athletic and has been openly hostile to the Gophers this season.
  6. dpodoll68

    SP+ has Gophs 23rd

    "We," he says. "Our," he says.
  7. dpodoll68

    Worst loss in PJs tenure?

    The check with me offense has been around for some time and is fairly widespread in college football. The whole point of the offense is to line up quickly and have an opportunity to adjust once you've seen how the defense is lined up. If they audible to a run all the time (which is not true...
  8. dpodoll68

    Worst loss in PJs tenure?

    Is ESPN predicting that we're going to cancel one of our games?
  9. dpodoll68

    Worst loss in PJs tenure?

    I mean, duh. I can't imagine we've ever in school history lost straight up when favored by this much, nor even close to it.
  10. dpodoll68

    We should be ashamed of this win.

    I'm curious of the basis for your statement that Toledo is worse than Miami. We don't have a lot of objective data to work with, but based on subjective information - according to Sagarin, Toledo would be a 9-point favorite over Miami if they played today on a neutral field. Most every MAC...
  11. dpodoll68

    TV for the Colorado game

    Senser's no longer exists.
  12. dpodoll68

    Week one locks

  13. dpodoll68

    Gophers Worst Helmet?

    The maroon with white Ms that we wore @IA in 2019 was easily the worst helmet of the Fleck regime.
  14. dpodoll68

    Keonte Schad has Entered the Transfer Portal

    A. Who cares? B. Connor Mayes and Tyler Moore, at least.
  15. dpodoll68

    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Huh? Duke lost in the national championship game four years before Dawkins committed, and went to the Elite 8 two years before he committed.
  16. dpodoll68

    All Things Chet Holmgren Recruitment Thread (Class of 2021, Gophers Have Offered)

    Why would Black Hills State University (not college) not have a basketball team?
  17. dpodoll68

    Coyle's miscalculations as I see them

    I hope this is poorly executed sarcasm.
  18. dpodoll68

    Hole Poll: What grade would you give Mark Coyle in his decision to hire Ben Johnson as the Gophers coach?

    Chris Beard's first high major head coaching job is his 7th collegiate head coaching position. Ben Johnson's first high major head coaching job is his first head coaching position at any level. Beard also had ten years as an assistant at the very school where he is now the head coach, the...

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