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  1. GFBfan

    Pete Mortell: Holder of the Year

    Really awesome video put out by NFL on how it all started. <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">It&#39;s the most prestigious award you&#39;ve never heard of. 🏆<br><br>How “Holder of the Year” went from a fun dorm idea to one of the most sought-after achievements in college...
  2. GFBfan

    OL Report - Wisconsin Full Game

    Finally able to sit down to take the time needed to watch our OL performance. The victory was all that really mattered! Looking forward to see our OL together one last time tonight vs. WVU and hoping they play one more exceptional game to close out their time together the right way. The...
  3. GFBfan

    OL Report: Indiana - Almost Full Game

    This is only for Quarrters 2 - 4 as my recording didn't start until then and I have not found a replay of it online, nor did BTN show the game in 60 this week. Overall the OL had a very good game in both run and pass blocking. They handled most everything that Indiana tried to do in the 3...
  4. GFBfan

    OL Report: Iowa: Full Game

    It is painful watching this game seeing as how we controlled the LOS all half, yet couldn't put the ball in the end zone on our other two successful drives. The Running game: Andries: 100% on 29 plays Olson: 100% on 29plays: JMS: 90% on 29 plays. Faalele: 90% on 29 plays He got tagged with a...
  5. GFBfan

    OL Report: Illinois Full Game

    All in all the OL accounted well the entire first half. They were getting on DL and creating movement, we just didn't always have enough guys to block the Illinois defenders up to stop the run The Running game: Andries: 100% on 14 plays Olson: 93% on 14 plays: JMS: 100% on 14 plays. Faalele...
  6. GFBfan

    OL Report: Northwestern Full Game

    The Running game: Andries: 100% on 25 plays Olson: 100% on 25 plays: He still doesn't appear to be moving all that well, but much better than a couple games ago. JMS: 96% on 25 plays. Of all the OL, he's the one who plays with an edge. Faalele: 92% on 25 plays Schlueter: 84% on 25 plays...
  7. GFBfan

    OL Report: Maryland 1st Half

    Another fine half of play from the OL. That is 3 straight quarters of dominating the LOS. Can't wait to see how the second half went as I'm sure it will be a 4th straight since we finished the game with 23 running plays. I believe there is something to the OL playing better and the departure...
  8. GFBfan

    OL Report: Nebraska Full Game - Updated

    Was a very efficient and dominating first half by our OL. It also helped that we mixed in passing plays much more than we had in previous games, especially on early downs. It resulted in us having 19 first half pass plays to 18 running plays (I didn't count the two kneel downs before the...
  9. GFBfan

    OL Report: Purdue 1st half

    Took me a little time to finish this as the first part of the game wasn't on my recording. Had to wait to record the 60 minute version on BTN, but that wasn't easy to find as it wasn't listed as a BTN in 60 game. The Running game: Andries: 80% on 10 plays Olson: 100% on 10 plays JMS: 80% on...
  10. GFBfan

    OL Report: Full Game - Bowling Green

    What a difference a week makes!! Last week it was fun to watch and grade the OL as they were so dominant, this week not so much. We had moments of playing well on the OL, but then would have a play or plays that we just were not good enough and some we were downright awful. Pass blocking was...
  11. GFBfan

    OL Report: Colorado Full Game

    This was a really fun half to watch (except for the end of half F Up). Our OL was very dominant the entire half. Bucky needs to find a better fitting helmet and he's not fully versed in the handing of the ball to the official. On one run he left the ball lay on the ground. JMS picked it up...
  12. GFBfan

    OL 1st and 2nd Half Grades Updated

    Didn't get to watch the game live, but was able to record and watch some of it today. Wasted part of my day watching the putrid Vikings choke away the game in the first half, but that's a whole other topic. The OL played well in the first half both in the run game and pass game. There were a...
  13. GFBfan

    OL First and Second Half Grades

    A few years ago, Rockford went through and graded the OL when Big Dan started playing. I thought his work was excellent and wanted to bring it back as I haven't seen anything from him for awhile. Along with that someone in another thread said that Ko was not good at blocking most of the time...
  14. GFBfan

    Open practice Friday, Anyone attending?

    Spring practice has finally arrived and the first open practice is on Friday. Anyone planning on attending so they can give a report to all of us GHers?
  15. GFBfan

    Recruiting Rank vs. Wins in the BIG

    Out of curiosity from the Will we stay in the top 40 thread and the discussion between GWG and Spoofin, I did a little research over the past week for all BIG teams and made a spreadsheet. I used the 247 site to find each schools class rank for the years 2010 to 2018. I then found the 4 year...
  16. GFBfan

    Fleck on KFAN with PA

    Just finished listening to PJ talk with PA on KFAN. PA doesn't know squat about the Gophers, but the interview was good. This isn't going to be a SON breakdown as I was not at my computer to transcribe. PJ did say that Terrell Smith is going to be one of the starting corners and that a few other...
  17. GFBfan

    Lawsuit filed
  18. GFBfan

    Open Practice Today and Tomorrow, Anyone attending?

    Would love to go to their open practice tonight or tomorrow, but it doesn't look like I'll be able to make it work. Anybody planning on going and giving a GH report? I know at the spring practices that were open they didn't want you posting specific info on plays, players, but a general report...
  19. GFBfan

    Gophers were Top 6 APR last year
  20. GFBfan

    Spillane Not Transferring

    Robert Spillane, the Western Michigan linebacker whose transfer plans in February led to accusations that Gophers coach P.J. Fleck was recruiting his former players, has decided not to transfer after all. Spillane announced Wednesday that he is staying put at Western Michigan. The junior...

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