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  1. dpodoll68

    CBS Preseason Top 25: No. 16 Minnesota

    Link "Morgan is out to prove that he is one of the best quarterbacks in the nation and a future NFL star, and has plenty of firepower to do it. His success, coupled with Fleck's proven ability to build winners, should keep the Gophers in the national picture for three full months. They don't...
  2. dpodoll68

    Kiper 2021 Big Board - Bateman #8 overall

    2021 NFL draft rankings: Top 25 prospects, best by position in Mel Kiper's Big Board Two additional side notes: Tanner Morgan is rated the #5 QB and Trey Lance is the #15 overall prospect (#3 QB behind Lawrence and Fields).
  3. dpodoll68

    Arland Bruce IV commits to Iowa Strangely, he did not receive an offer from the Gophers.
  4. dpodoll68

    Fleck contract extension is now official The University of Minnesota Board of Regents held a special meeting Thursday morning to approve the Gophers football coach’s contract and did so in swift order. Four Regents were present in the board’s chamber, with seven others and University President Joan Gabel...
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    Minn-PSU is going to be *enormous*

    From Bill Connelly: Are we realizing how big Minnesota-Penn State is going to be? The Big Ten is narrowly behind the SEC in terms of average SP+ rating. The usual suspects -- Ohio...
  6. dpodoll68

    CFP or Rose Bowl?

    Where would you prefer to see the Gophers end up this season? Would you rather that they played in the College Football Playoffs or the Rose Bowl?
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    FG attempt - end of first half

    Apologies if this has already been discussed, but I wanted to throw it out to the board if it hadn't. What was the staff thinking trotting Lantz out there to attempt that kick? Just based on everything I've read and heard, it seemed pretty obvious that he doesn't have the leg to get it that...
  8. dpodoll68

    RV tailgating at East River Flats?

    Has anyone tailgated with an RV at East River Flats? The website doesn't specify whether they are permitted. I'm afraid to call the Parks office and give them the chance to tell me no, yet I also don't want to take the chance of showing up on game day and being turned away. Any experience...
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    Initial 2019 Coaches Poll - Gophers Receiving Votes The Gophers received one 25th-place vote in the initial 2019 coaches poll.
  10. dpodoll68

    OT: Matt LaCosse, Patriots TE and former Gophers commit

    I had SportsCenter playing in the background while I was getting ready this morning, and they were reporting from Patriots camp (of course they were) and were talking about who Tom Brady was going to throw to this season. They just cut Austin Sefarian-Jenkins (after signing him ~2 months ago)...
  11. dpodoll68

    Tied for the best season in 29 years!

    That is all.
  12. dpodoll68

    Iowa football player drunkenly mistakes police car for an Uber I'll take any opportunity I can to rip on Iowa's football program, but I fail to see what he did wrong in this situation. Throw him in the drunk tank for a few hours? Sure...
  13. dpodoll68

    Northwestern kickoff at 11 AM?

    So says:
  14. dpodoll68

    Trump administration to revisit Title IX Thank goodness!
  15. dpodoll68

    Dan Monson and Long Beach St. are below .500 overall in bad conference

    Dan Monson is in his 10th year at Long Beach St. and has made only one appearance in the NCAA Tournament. They are about to finish their 5th straight season without an NCAA Tournament appearance and their 3rd season in the last 4 with a sub-.500 record overall. Long Beach St. has an RPI of...
  16. dpodoll68

    MSU Football Sexual Assault Scandal This only happens here! Culture change!
  17. dpodoll68

    Fleck's Minnesota tenure

    An important factor we're overlooking is that Fleck coached for two years under Jerry Kill at NIU. Since we all know that time spent as an assistant under Jerry Kill counts toward one's U of M head coaching tenure, the great news is that this will actually be Fleck's 3rd year as U of M head...
  18. dpodoll68

    P.J. Fleck's arrival in Minnesota

    This is awesome. I'm posted up here next to someone with a professional video camera set up. He can't compete with my cell phone!

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