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  1. mom8pop

    Minnesota senior WR Tyler Johnson accepted an invitation to the East-West Shrine Bowl.

    Per Rotoworld on Twitter: Twitter Johnson (6'2/205) is one of the best in the country in terms of his body control and ability to make contested grabs. Those skills have helped him to a 59-900-9 receiving line in 10 games this season. Another 100 yards and he'll finish out his collegiate...
  2. mom8pop

    Bielema cracking down on DWI

    Per Deadspin: "After police arrested Arkansas defensive lineman Tevin Beanum for a DWI early Sunday morning, Razorbacks head coach Bret Bielema didn't completely boot Beanum from the team, but he did hand out an appropriate punishment: Beanum can't use his car except for classes or practice."...
  3. mom8pop

    The Big Ten is Good and Crazy - Eamonn Brennan "Sure, the Gophers’ offense is good, but it is not so good that it should score 81 points in 58 possessions against anyone. Oh, don’t get it twisted: This wasn’t even a fast-paced game. Fifty-eight...
  4. mom8pop

    Where recruits come from

    I saw this on Deadspin and thought it was interesting. Provides a breakdown of where recruits are coming from and gives a per capita view.

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