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    OK St gets Scanctions Seems a bit light IMO...only one year of Post Season ban...Loss of Schollys will hurt for a bit.
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    2018 Red Shirts

    Of the 2018 class, who is still able to keep a red shirt? I know several true frosh played this year, but don't have the detail as to who lost the ability to keep a RS. By My estimation the following have lost their frosh RS: Annexstad Sapp Smith Edwards Bateman Teague FlaaleleAny insight is...
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    Fighting Irish lose 21 games in one day! And fined a WHOPPIN $5,000.00 . Looks like they will have to raise ticket prices to recoup some of those funds...
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    Wanted to centralize the post-signing movement on the team. So far we have three guys leaving the team: Hmielewski, Williams & Zo Craighton. This frees up three schollys for incoming transfers, grad transfers or to PWOs (already on team). Who might get these schollys? Who else might leave?
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    South Bend-Bender

    I get it, college kids party. I did, we all did. It is stupid to run from the cops, more stupid to 'assult' one and absolutely unreal how a D1 QB can get run down by a South Bend Cop...
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    New Commit

    Welcome to the Gopher Nation Josh! Looks like a fast, mean LB...I like the Florida Kids commiting early!
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    We only punish at our connivence

    tOSU considering a 'stronger' punishment shows "they mean business". I'm sure the NCAA appreciates that kind of insight into their self-imposed...errr...serving violation notice. After creating almost 300 of them, you can treat the report as a canvass for your art...
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    NBA Draft

    IMO the only player we could lose to the draft it THE BEAST. This would be a shame for a ton of reasons, among them he would be a certain first rounder next year (perhaps top 15). He would own the big 10 next year and only elevate his stock. RS3 and Rodney are not nearly ready for the next...
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    Lane 'the Snake' busted again

    Yet another NCAA Documented brazen violation by young (and clearly dumb) lane kiffen: It is a shame that Tennessee pays the price for this (well his actions-Pearl is another story) while layne gets a raise and elevation of his career.
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    One and Done players

    In watching Ohio State dominate this season (they are a great team), I wondered how amazing of a team they would be with Oden, Connley and Turner still on the team. Since they all (legitimately) left for the NBA early when does this catch up to a programs graduation rate? I was under the...
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    Player Attrition

    is there a 'final' list of players who have left the program? I have heard several, but none more than one time. Kill seemed to indicate there would be several and we would be under the 85 schollys allowed.

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