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  1. Minnesconsin fan

    Minnesota/Illinois Men's Basketball Game Postponed to Jan. 4 at 6 p.m.

    I have two lower level tickets available for tonight if anyone can use them. My daughter's high school game takes precedent. section 117 row 18
  2. Minnesconsin fan

    Gopher Basketball Weekly with Ben Johnson

    what does it take to get this show on the road at High Pines like the football show was? The Pitino show was sponsored by Mid-America Bank (I think) back in the day and they sponsored a lunch in the Williams room-- that was fun to sneak in to. Would have been good even without the free lunch
  3. Minnesconsin fan

    Ben Johnson and this team

    if there is a good aspect to getting a 10 second violation, it is that we don't panic and throw a live-ball turnover. Take the 10 second violation and get the defense set instead of giving up a layup or an open shot it a scramble situation. I know coaches who are much happier with a pass into...
  4. Minnesconsin fan


    i have two available for Tuesday the 14th-- maybe 4, waiting on an answer for the other 2
  5. Minnesconsin fan


    I like the movement and the spacing on offense. and the hard work on defense-- only a couple of major lapses that I remember. I used to think we needed at least one guy that wasn't overly athletic but was a smart basketball player that could shoot. Now it seems like we have a bunch of those...
  6. Minnesconsin fan

    Johnson starts 0-1…

    I think he lost the spring football game too. but 1-0 at Williams Arena
  7. Minnesconsin fan

    SI ranks all 358 division 1 men’s programs

    some interesting (to me anyway) items from the list. New Mexico at 176- with Jamal Mashburn Jr helping Pitino get things started Milwaukee at 205 with a 5 star kid on the roster playing for his dad- the rest of the roster must be pretty un-proven. I would have thought a 5 star kid in that...
  8. Minnesconsin fan

    All Things Nolan Winter Recruitment Thread (Class of 2023, Gophers Offered, Son of Trevor)

    Howard Pulley tweeted a highlight clip of the 16U game against Boo Williams today and Winter looked good but it also looked like a highlite reel of Donavhan Cain. He is from Beloit WI and is going to school at Cretin Derham Hall this year. Him and Tre will be fun to watch.
  9. Minnesconsin fan

    All Things 2021 Twin Cities Pro-Am Thread (Rosters Set)

    Ben Johnson and Johnny Tauer have both told Pro-Am officials they would let their players participate in the Pro-Am next year.
  10. Minnesconsin fan

    All Things Dawson Garcia Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020): UPDATED: Gophers Offered

    this might be a whole different part of a new problem-- Company A has "donated" to the U for years and got a plug as a sponsor. So tax-wise if that was treated as a donation is it different than being treated as an advertising expense and how is it now treated if they take the money they used...
  11. Minnesconsin fan

    Sam Freeman Enters Transfer Portal

    the way I remember it was he got a T for elbowing Draymond Green in the face-- Green drops like a Duke player-- Colton gets the T and maybe tossed and replay shows he missed Green by about 6 inches. And never got a call after that.
  12. Minnesconsin fan

    Eli King commits to Iowa State

    I see what you did there--- well played
  13. Minnesconsin fan

    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Nate Reuvers is now available also.
  14. Minnesconsin fan

    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Yeah, I was just getting used to 6 new players every year. Might be 10 this year.
  15. Minnesconsin fan

    Tre' Williams enters the Portal

    Marcus is reporting Sam Freeman also is in the transfer portal
  16. Minnesconsin fan

    Race in the portal

    I immediately thought of that scene in Blazing Saddles-- no, not that scene, no, not that scene either. Go through the first 6 or 8 scenes you think of and get to the town meeting scene where all the Johnson's are panicking and finally Johnson Johnson has his say.

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