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  1. BarnBoy

    Game Time, TV, weather, etc...

    Ok, so I can’t find a game time or TV station. Can someone help a brother out? A “Minnesota vs. Michigan” google search result says the game starts at 5am (my pacific Time, 7am local). This has to be a mistake.
  2. BarnBoy

    A detailed look at Alabama's Moral Victory and MN's "collapse"

    Does it matter? No. But I was interested to go back and look at it in detail. We started playing "5 v 3" at the 10:30 mark. We play about four minutes of inspired ball and build the lead to 15. Dupree makes a jumper at 6:37 and we go up 15. We are rolling. Things are good. Then the wheels...
  3. BarnBoy

    Minnesota Fans: Do we have cherophobia?

    Lol... I saw this on the front page of Reddit today and chuckled. I thought of our Gopher community.
  4. BarnBoy

    Looking back: Did nobody in the media see this coming?

    Interesting to look back and see that most media picked the Gophers to repeat as bottom feeders. Seems lazy looking back. We lost a lot of close games last year. We had a lot of young guys. We had a good recruiting class. We added two transfers (Springs and Lynch) Pitino added 1 or two...
  5. BarnBoy


  6. BarnBoy

    "Hidden timeouts" during late-in-game official reviews

    I realize we could have just as easy been on the other side of this, so this is a question, not a complaint. what's everyone's thinking on these types of hidden timeouts? (Out of bounds review under a minute allowed a timeout-less MI to draw up a play) Why not prevent the teams from huddling...
  7. BarnBoy

    Our Brady Bunch Twitter Photos

    What's down there?
  8. BarnBoy

    Memorial Stadium home footage from 1971 game vs. Michigan

    Going through some old Super 8 footage from my parents and found this gem. Shot in 1971 with a hand-held 8mm camera. I did some digging and it looks like we lost the game to the #4-ranked Wolverines who ended up losing the Rose Bowl to Stanford. Alright, old farts. Who was there?
  9. BarnBoy

    How to swap staffs with minimal disruption?

    Fleck seems like the type of guy that wants to rip off the Band-Aid and build it his way. He won 1 game his first year at WMU and is on record saying things like (I'm paraphrasing): "I don't care if we win a single game this first year." That said, the cupboard is not bare. From a playbook...
  10. BarnBoy Writer gives great insight into Fleck and his abilities

    Pete Thamel from SI has built a really close relationship with Fleck. A great article from about two years ago, and his interview on KFAN from this afternoon. Sign me up for what he's selling... article from Feb 2015...
  11. BarnBoy

    Xs and Os: How will the systems compare?

    Discuss. More importantly, did WMU have a good "run up the middle" play?
  12. BarnBoy

    Any NBA talent on this team?

    Who has a shot?
  13. BarnBoy

    Our 4 losses: Outscored 45-3 in the 4th quarter

    In our 4 losses this year: Outscored 75-20 in the second half and OT (PSU game). Outscored 45-3 in the 4th quarter.
  14. BarnBoy

    BTN Plus is horrible

    Can I ask for my money back? Showing random "Minnesota defense" graphics for 30 seconds at a time during game play was my favorite. What was yours?
  15. BarnBoy

    Claeys as an underdog

    What is Claeys record as an underdog? Does anyone have a way to look this up? Looking for healthy discussion around this topic. From my armchair, it feels like we have a shortage of upsets and program-defining wins. Are their any? How many should their be? Need to start winning some games we...
  16. BarnBoy

    Mortell Holder of the Year Award

    Michigan is making a pretty good claim... <script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script>
  17. BarnBoy

    Can WBB have it's own forum?

    Gopherhole - Is it cost-prohibitive to have WBB on its own forum?
  18. BarnBoy

    Pre-Snap Penalties

    Seems like our pre-snap problems stem partially from illegal formations. What's going on? Same formation every penalty? Or boneheadedness all around?
  19. BarnBoy

    A look at Jay Johnson's Offense: 9/5/2015 vs. Kentucky

    Here is ULL's first game this year (at Kentucky). Hostile crowd. They didn't get the win, but fought back nicely. They were something like 1-60 against the SEC prior to this, so a good showing. ULL goes down 21-0 (terrible defense) and claws back to tie game 33-33. ULL out-gained UK 479-435...

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