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    Jeremy Farrar

    This is an amazing article about Jeremy Farrar, the head of Wellcome Trust a massive research grant funder in the UK. The day Fauci learned in January that the idea of a lab leak might become public he arranged for a phone call with a small group including the influential Farrar. Here is a...
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    The Whitmer Kidnapping

    This was the prototype for the J6 operation
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    The strange story of Remdesivir

    In 2020 about half of US covid patients (hospitalized) were prescribed Remdesivir. A drug that had previously worked on...nothing and is known to cause kidney failure. How many Covid patients actually died from the treatment rather than the disease. Some doctors believe that it may be a very...
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    Compare the treatment of two cops who shot and killed people. Kim Potter made a bad error, shot the wrong gun at a man attempting to resist arrest and got a prison sentence for her error. Michael Byrd who shot Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed woman, never even got questioned. The question any more is...
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    Federal Judge slaps down FDA

    The FDA had requested 55 years to roll out the information on the approval of the Pfizer vax. Yesterday a federal judge told them they had to produce 55,000 pages per month instead of 500 pages per month. The process is now expected to take months, instead of 55 years. What kind of games was...
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    Leftist/Democrat lunacy

    Here is the message New York City leftists want to deliver to criminals: No consequences for your actions. More woke madness that will end badly if installed... Manhattan’s newly sworn-in district attorney reportedly told his staff he does not intend to prosecute several crimes, including...
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    Congress' Select Committees

    So we do have a Select Committee on J6- investigating something that ended up being nothing. That's fine. Unfortunately this committee ended up being a highly partisan committee that is looking for issues on one side and not at the whole cause nor at all actions. We do not have a Select...
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    292 vaxxed athletes collapsed/died in 2021

    What is going on? About half of them died. All were vaxxed.
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    CNN= Network "rife with predators and perverts"

    Don Lemon accuser further exposes CNN for who they have become: They’re a network rife with predators and perverts,"
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    Trump Tax Cuts - the results

    The Hill, a left of center publication did a study of 2018 tax returns. The big winners? The lower and middle classes. Just as Trump promised. The lowest reduction in taxes? Those who earned 1 million +. Additionally those payers in higher brackets paid a larger share than previously of the...
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    Shocking Vax documents the FDA tried to hide

    The court ordered them released 500 pages per month. There are 360,000 pages of information - so we are getting a 60 year roll out. Here are some early returns: Pfizer vax alone had 1229 know deaths in the first three months (Dec 2020 to Feb 2021) Same group had 7.3 % see blood or cardiac...
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    Arbery case

    Looks like justice is served legally. A good way to do things....
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    Psaki: Biden to run for reelection in 2024

    Is there anyone on the planet that actually believes that Biden would be a viable candidate in 2024. Would any lefty here on the GH want him to run in 2024? 100% lie by Psaki.
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    All things corrupt media thread

    Many of our problems relate to the corruption in the media today. There is no accountability, the truth becomes what they want it to be AND they can be bought. Leftists have bought and control the media to a large degree. This creates an atmosphere where politicians on one side are not...
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    The left attempts to buy the local media

    Tax breaks to local media. Just to kind of put them in their pockets a bit more...
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    Racist roads and Bridges

    The Biden administration is declaring certain roads and bridges racist and will spend billions to deconstruct them. Ryan then referenced an earlier interview Buttigieg gave The Grio in April when he said "there is racism physically built into some of our highways." "I’m still surprised that...
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    Musk calls out the UN

    Musk is spot on here in calling out the UN for the sham that they are. They take in billions and steal much of it.
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    DNC was never hacked by the Russians

    As some of us said for a long time...evidence shows it to be increasingly likely that this was yet another fake story to help Hillary cover up her own issues. -FBI never was able to confirm it first hand nor did they ever...
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    Bidens heading for Special Counsel?

    News out that Hunter and Joe shared bank accounts add to the requirement that an SC be named to look at influence peddling by the family.
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    Chinese Cultural Revolution

    Coming to America.... Listen to this lady from China who lived through it there: Fairfax County, VA – A Virginia mom who endured Mao’s Cultural Revolution before immigrating to the U.S. said the National School Boards Association and the Justice Department are using tactics similar to ones she...

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