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  1. Gopher417

    Weird Lincoln Riley Introduction is ... weird ... really weird ...

    they are still living off a collaboration with Fleetwood Mac from 30+ years ago? Really?
  2. Gopher417

    Annexstad in the Portal

    Would have been happy to see Tanner go so the next man up could have another year of experience as QB.
  3. Gopher417

    STrib: Proctor HS football season canceled amid 'serious misconduct' investigation

    I still get amazed how they could do whatever they did, and people just sat/stood there thinking this is OK. Same thing with the Gopher players "standing in line." In both cases to make it worse. Lets take out our phones and take pictures/videos. Just stupid and disgusting.
  4. Gopher417

    Thread removed about message to fans

    Thanks for the Clarification!!
  5. Gopher417

    Meatsauce on KFAN

    I started listening about a 6-8 months ago. At first it was refreshing from the previous morning show that I would listen to. Then it became the same thing everyday "this wails," and "that wails." The dick/fart jokes got old. Then they get 9 people on there with most of them all talking at the...
  6. Gopher417

    Meatsauce on KFAN

    Never have been a fan of his. If I never hear "_________ wails." I won't be sad. He says it all the time.
  7. Gopher417

    Anyone looking for the Gopher game

    I was not going to go on a stream fishing trip. I just went to YouTube and dropped "Minnesota Vs Colorado Football " into the search and it popped up. Don't know if will work in each case like this, but it worked on Saturday. Glad you were able to take advantage of it!
  8. Gopher417

    Gophers should play in U.S Bank Stadium.

    Pretty sure Huntington Bank would have something to say about that. A home game moved to the enemies stadium? Probably not going to happen unless it was a BIG Championship game.
  9. Gopher417

    Gophers lose massive Florida offensive tackle… (PP)

    That's too bad... Jacksonville, Fla., offensive tackle Austin Barber left the Gophers’ 2021 recruiting class on Monday. The 6-foot-7, 315-pound offensive tackle shared last week in a story he was considering staying closer to home. It came after Mississippi State offered him a...
  10. Gopher417

    P.J. Fleck preparing Gophers for October, November or January start

    It's like we are going to play darts on a moving dartboard. From the PP: P.J. Fleck said he has been trying to prepare the Gophers football team to play in time for a handful of potential start dates. Speaking on Tuesday’s “Inside the Amway Coaches Poll Podcast,” the Minnesota football coach...
  11. Gopher417

    Official offer Ortiz- Pretty cool

    Pretty classy looking. Love the language that is included.
  12. Gopher417

    Bateman opting out of 2020 Football Season

    Short but sweet Gopher career. Good luck Rashod!
  13. Gopher417

    New 4* Q

    Put your $$ on the Gophers to beat Auburn in the Outback Bowl! It's a lock! ;)

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