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  1. Minnesconsin fan

    Gopher team camp

    does anyone have a listing of the teams that will be at the Gopher team camp this weekend? games start Friday afternoon
  2. Minnesconsin fan

    @ Wake Forest

    I posted a month ago about needing tickets for the game at Wake Forest and ended up buying them from the Wake ticket office, I called and they moved me into a section where there are a bunch of other Gopher fans so it should be fun. Now those tickets are available though, because one of my other...
  3. Minnesconsin fan

    @ Wake Forest

    I am making a 50th birthday road trip to North Carolina to watch the Gophers at Wake Forest and then Iowa at North Carolina-- does anyone have any contacts to set me up with tickets to either one? Craigslist has quite a few UNC ticket postings but not much for Wake. I need 3 and maybe 4, still...
  4. Minnesconsin fan

    Carson Shanks Leaving the Utah program after one semester to go someplace closer to home. I only saw him play a couple of times in AAU ball but it seemed like that conference and level of play would have been a...
  5. Minnesconsin fan

    Men's BBall this week

    I gave away my tix for both games this week because of my son's high school games--which have now been rescheduled. So now that I can attend both games I need some tickets. Let me know if you have any available. The seats behind and in front of my season seats are usually empty until the B1G...
  6. Minnesconsin fan

    Red Panda

    per a twitter [email protected]: Just got some crushing news... Sources tell me that the Red Panda is OUT for the season. What a loss for the NBA. maybe her actually dropping a bowl on the TV show was too much to bear
  7. Minnesconsin fan

    All Things 2013 Basketball Recruiting Thread UPDATED 5/15: Malik Smith a Gopher!

    Now that we have a head coach that will get on the road and hit the recruiting trail hard, I thought we should have one spot to put news and info on our targets for this spring and the big year next year. Probably don't need info on the Big 3 that have their own threads going but more info on...
  8. Minnesconsin fan

    Anyone but Duke

    I am not a big fan of Roy Williams and UNC so I almost don't care who wins tonight but here is a pretty creative DOOKIE clip warning-- not entirely PC and might be rated R for innuendo
  9. Minnesconsin fan

    What is more impressive? Indiana or Minnesota

    Very impressive win by Indiana-- 3rd win against a top 5 team in Bloomington and one loss to the Gophers
  10. Minnesconsin fan

    Help or hurt recruiting

    so does it help or hurt in a recruits thought process when they watch a game like last night unfold? It looked like Tyus behind the Gophers bench and UW Ole said Rashad was there also. Do they watch that and say " the Gophers are closer than I thought and I/we can really help them" or is it...
  11. Minnesconsin fan

    Gophers Mens Basketball vs Nebraska

    My son's high school schedule on Saturday March 3rd is making my Gophers seats available-- 2 seats-- section 119 row 16 seat 1 and 2. about rim high across from the Gopher bench but across the aisle from directly facing the court. Very convenient to entrance/exit and way too close to the...
  12. Minnesconsin fan

    Tubby's best roster

    I am home with a sick kid today so was cleaning up a storage room and found a poster from a couple of years ago and it reminds me that Tubby could get some kids in school. Al Nolen Blake Hoffarber Lawrence Westbrook Damien Johnson those 4 were Monson guys but the rest are Tubby's guys Paul...
  13. Minnesconsin fan

    Jim Burr

    Wasn't Jim involved in a couple of fiascos last year in the Big East? is that why he got the Gophers game last night? he must have been 50 when he started reffing back in '96. doesn't list an age but he doesn't move very quick -- I loved the out of bounds on the baseline by the...
  14. Minnesconsin fan

    basketball home opener vs Bucknell

    high school football playoffs take precedence-- 2 tickets available-- section 119 row 16 seat 1 and 2. $35.00 each-- pm me and I will mail them or can meet you Monday night at the exhibition game
  15. Minnesconsin fan

    KFAN college basketball coverage

    I haven't listened to it yet, but the Badger board has a post saying Leuer and Taylor were on KFAN this morning-- anyone listen? Was PA a little more prepared for this one than he was for Q?
  16. Minnesconsin fan

    Congrats to Trent Tucker

    Congratulations to Trent Tucker-- had a baby boy last week. James Patrick Tucker. I assume the name was not in honor of Patrick James Steven Reusse but you never know.

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