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    Updated through November 30: The Ben Johnson Hire vs. Comparable Hires

    I'll update this occasionally on this thread. So far, so good for these guys, especially Ben & TJ.
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    In-Season Field of 68 Projection #2

    EDEN PRAIRIE, MN – Here’s our second in-season Field of 68 projection. As a reminder, at this early point of the season this is more of a projection of future results than it is about tournament resume. That will change once we have enough data from actual game results. For now I’m using KenPom...
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    SEC's 8 Bids Leads 1st In-Season Field of 68 Projection

    EDEN PRAIRIE , MN -- With much fanfare, my first in-season “Field of 68” projection for the 2021-22 college basketball season has arrived. NET rankings have yet to be released by the NCAA (not that they mean much until at least February), so until they are I’ll use KenPom rankings (in...
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    Gophers favored by 11 over Kansas City

    Current lines for other Big Ten games on Opening Night: ILLINOIS -30.5 Jackson INDIANA -23.5 Eastern Michigan IOWA -21.5 Longwood MARYLAND -22 Quinnipiac Michigan State +4 Kansas NEBRASKA -16 Western Illinois NORTHWESTERN -23 Eastern Illinois OHIO STATE -17 Akron Lines not announced yet for...
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    Oklahoma State gets postseason ban, so a tweak to preseason Field of 68 projection

    The NCAA announced today that Oklahoma State is banned from the 2022 NCAA Tournament for infractions uncovered as part of the FBI scandal a few years ago. The postseason ban was supposed to happen last season, but OSU did an admirable job stalling the punishment so that it wouldn't occur during...
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    Final Preseason Field of 68 Projection

    ROAD TO NEW ORLEANS, U.S.A. -- Here we go. Here’s a look at my final “Preseason Field of 68” projection. Can’t wait for the season to get started Nov. 9, this time with fans in the stands. It will be great to have the normalcy of raucous arenas back in play. Fire away, thoughts and comments are...
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    Double-dipping with Gophers & Tommies

    Took the plunge and added Saint Thomas to season-ticket arsenal. Only a couple opportunities to catch two games in one day (on a weekend), but will have to hope one plays in the afternoon, the other in the evening. Jan. 22: Rutgers @ Gophers, South Dakota @ Tommies Feb. 12: Penn State @...
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    Ranking the 76 Power 6 Non-Conference Schedules

    Alabama sits at the top by a wide margin, while the Big Ten boasts half of the bottom 10. Gophers at #75.
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    End of Summer Field of 68 Projection

    Here’s an updated look at my 2022 NCAA Tournament Field of 68 projection. If needed, I’ll make adjustments before Opening Night (Nov. 9), but expect this to be close to the final version. Automatic qualifiers in multiple-bid conferences are noted in bold. END OF SUMMER 2021-22 FIELD OF 68...
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    Gophers will open with Western Kentucky in first-ever Asheville Championship

    Then will play either Princeton or South Carolina.
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    Summertime Field of 68 Projection

    Here’s my first look at the 2022 NCAA Tournament field. Will make adjustments (if needed) in mid-October for the final preseason Field of 68 projection. Automatic qualifiers are noted in bold. SUMMERTIME 2021-22 FIELD OF 68 PROJECTION America East (1): Vermont American (2): Houston, Memphis...
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    Unofficial Over-Under Gopher Win Totals

    Non-Conference (11 games) = 6.5 Big Ten (20 games) = 3.5 Overall Including First Game of Big Ten Tournament (32 games) = 10.5 What ya’ like, the overs or the unders?
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    Updated Big Ten/ACC Challenge Projection

    Georgia Tech and Pitt appear to be the most likely candidates to play the Gophers in the ACC Challenge. I'm leaning toward Gophers making a trip to the ATL. The Yellow Jackets (NCAA squad last season) would be a best-case scenario as an opponent for a Gopher squad likely to be picked to finish...
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    Annual "S" Curve Field of 68 Projection

    “S” CURVE ULTIMATE FIELD OF 68 (through 2020-21 season) The 68 teams (32 automatic qualifiers, 36 at-large) are determined by the number of NCAA Tournament appearances since the 1999-2000 season. The school with the most tourney appearances from each conference is deemed the automatic qualifier...

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