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    Week 13 Bowl Projections Thread

    Yeah - there's a guy about 8 or 9 posts up from here that has over 30,000 posts and I don't think I'd assume anything he says is true.
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    PJ plus Kirk and Rossi? Pinch me

    Trust issues?
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    Iowa over Michigan

    For many reasons, NO. Who hates Iowa?
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    Week 13 Bowl Projections Thread

    Phoenix is a fun place to visit. Lots of great drives 1-2 hours north of there too. Sedona and Flagstaff are beautiful.
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    Which college football fans drink the most per game? (#1. Neb, #2. MN, #3. wi)

    Yep, we Catholics are a bunch of drunks.
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    Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez has entered the Transfer Portal

    If he can go start for an FCS school he can get his name out there and you never know. It worked for Streveler to a degree.
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    Kelly May Fail Miserably

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    Stub & Herbs

    The guy that used to own the original Sally's split off and started up the Clive's Roadhouse restaurants (Rogers, Champlin, Blaine, Burnsville). Clive's is solid.
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    Reusse takes shots at Heather Fleck, "cowardly folks at Gopher Hole"

    Did Reusse write the same stuff about Mauer and Morneau with all their injuries? I'm guessing not.
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    Week 13 Bowl Projections Thread

    You're hosting the pre-game party for Gopher fans then?
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    Stub & Herbs

    You realize Sally's building was torn down and it's now in a new building? New Sally's is actually just a Cowboy Jack's but with a different name/decor.
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    Which college football fans drink the most per game? (#1. Neb, #2. MN, #3. wi)

    Is this drinks purchased at the game? If so, I could see how we rank higher here because we don't have as much tailgating as other schools (not to mention very few bars to pre-game at). Our fans have to just save their drinking for AT the game. Wiscy fans drink 10 beers before the game.
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    PJ Targeting Ciarrocca for Return as OC?

    Well when you say it like that....
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    Stub & Herbs

    Even Sally's lost what charm it had
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    Stub & Herbs

    By BW you mean Bullwinkle's? Yes.
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    Fundamental Changes in Gopher Football

    And we need these young fans who in the next 10 years might have their own kids...and a new generation of Gopher fans.
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    Stub & Herbs

    Also BWW is a pain now that you have to do all your ordering on your phone. No more servers.
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    Stub & Herbs

    I come in off 94 and park usually at Oak St. so I try to stay in the Stadium Village area. No more Big Ten, no more Applebees (not that I like Applebees, but it was a place to have food and a drink).
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    Stub & Herbs

    There are so few options for pregame. Almost impossible to get in anywhere. I've been relegated to the alumni center all season.

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