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  1. MGGopher

    Sitkowski done for season

    I agree. I actually had no idea Peters was healthy. I figured he was still hurt if Sitkowski was playing because Peters struck me as the far better player when I've watched Illinois.
  2. MGGopher

    Fitz on Gophers

    NW was good last year. They've had several good teams recently. They're not good this year. They weren't good in 2019 either when MN went to Evanston and won a relative snooze-fest by 16 while racking up over 400 yards of offense and holding NW under 250. NW can win on Saturday but I don't...
  3. MGGopher

    Gophers sideline Vs. Northwestern?

    This is the answer. I've sat on both sides. There's no advantage to one of the other. I'm going for the home side again this year like in 2019, but there's no real rhyme or reason why. Just get a ticket and sit where you want lol...
  4. MGGopher

    SP+ has Gophs 23rd

    If I'm not mistaken, Nebraska, Purdue, and Maryland are all in the top half of the B1G in offensive efficiency. So if you thought they were bad, wait until you get a load of the teams MN plays from here on out. You'll be VERY unimpressed.
  5. MGGopher

    Minnesota -4 vs northwestern

    Gophers threw 45% of the time in the first half against Maryland I believe... And I bet the numbers weren't far off for Nebraska and Purdue. Minnesota had a history of letting inferior non conference opponents hang around, but they've comfortably beaten a LOT of middling B1G teams the last few...
  6. MGGopher

    Gophers picked for Outback Bowl vs Auburn

    Yeah the conference would almost certainly do that.
  7. MGGopher

    Week 8 Bowl Projections

    I don't see Minnesota falling lower than LV at this point. To do so they'd need to lose to both Iowa and Wisconsin (and/or drop one against an inferior team) which I don't see happening. That's obviously what these people predicting Music City see happening though. Still fun to read the...
  8. MGGopher

    Minnesota -4 vs northwestern

    NW plays sound enough defense to hang around longer than Gophers fans would like, but they're too injured and depleted to do enough on offense to win unless Minnesota turns it over 3+ times. Like Michigan, MN will wear them out in the second half on both sides and pull away. I don't like the...
  9. MGGopher

    Oct 30 BIG Schedule

    Yeah, we'll find out more about a few teams and lots of separation will happen which is fun. Looking forward to seeing how it shakes out. I believe Wisconsin beats Iowa ugly, Mich sneaks by MSU (both are overrated IMO), OSU hammers PSU, and Neb sneaks by PU.
  10. MGGopher

    Week 8 Big Ten Power Rankings

    OSU Mich MN Wisc Iowa MSU PSU PU Nebraska Maryland Illinois Indiana Rutgers NW
  11. MGGopher

    Iowa at Wisconsin

    Iowa. Pretty much knocks Wisconsin outta the West race and makes the Iowa-MN game the West championship assuming other games go as expected (obviously not likely to happen in CFB). None of it changes the fact Minnesota controls their own destiny though. PS: Gophers are going to win at Iowa...
  12. MGGopher

    Gophers Crush Maryland: Post-Game Reaction Thread

    Only person on mine too. Noish.
  13. MGGopher

    Gophers Crush Maryland: Post-Game Reaction Thread

    Was never nervous about this one at any point. It was so obvious Minnesota was the Superior team and it's exactly what I expected. I think I predicted 34-17 earlier this week, so yeah... Good for me lol. OP said it all: Gophers are getting better every week. Feels a lot like 2019 with this...
  14. MGGopher

    Maryland Pick em week, October 23

    PSU Minnesota Michigan Purdue OSU Cindy ND AM Arkansas Bama Oregon KSU WSU Cal 34
  15. MGGopher

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    Rose Citrus or at-large NYD6 Rose Vegas Music City Fun exercise btw... And I have zero problem with optimism lol! It was brutal looking at these bowl projections after the BG game, ugh.
  16. MGGopher

    Big Ten West after week 7

    Meanwhile my season props are looking better every week (oh, good for me lol) Nebraska under 6.5 wins MN over 7.5 wins MN wins the West MN wins the B1G (<--not likely, but still possible!)
  17. MGGopher

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    Sooo...should I make those hotel reservations for Nashville, lol?
  18. MGGopher

    OL Report: Nebraska Full Game - Updated

    Thanks as always! I wondered about Faalele because I saw him running on the field around that 10 play mark and asked why he wasn't already out there. Now we know. Perhaps he found the doghouse for some reason during the bye week?
  19. MGGopher

    Nebraska Week Pickems- Winners and leaders from last week

    Rutgers Michigan State Iowa Minnesota Arkansas Texas Alabama Georgia Bulldogs Oklahoma Tie Breaker: 24

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