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  1. hungan1

    JJ of Corn Nation - Who Would Want to Coach Nebraska Football? (If Scott Frost Is Fired)

    "Illinois? - Hahahahahahahahahahahah!" IMHO, Nebraska is better off keeping Scott Frost with the Children Of The Corn.
  2. hungan1

    Husker Meltdown Podcast

    I came across the Husker Meltdown Podcasts, a therapeutic talk radio. Long-suffering Gopher fans can understand the Husker fans going through pain and frustrations. We've been there before. Some random tidbits: A fan agrees about the cultural angle. Frost seems to favor and focus on certain...
  3. hungan1

    Hell in a cell: Frost versus Fleck

    Husker fantasy.
  4. hungan1

    Frost's response to PJ Fleck's comments
  5. hungan1

    BTN Gopher Preview - 2021 Season

    If this has been posted previously, please ignore it. This Gopher team may surprise a lot of people at the end of the season.
  6. hungan1

    Gophers Unveil Uniform Combo for the Husker Game
  7. hungan1

    FYI - All-time Big Ten West Head-To-Head Historical Stats

    From Winsipedia: MN vs WI: MN 60 wins, 8 ties, WI 62 wins MN vs IA: MN 60 wins, 2 ties, IA 50 wins MN vs NE: MN 34 wins, 2 ties, 25 wins MN vs PUR: MN 41 wins, 3 ties, PUR 33 wins MN vs IL: MN 40 wins, 3 ties, IL 30 wins Gophers vs Badgers -
  8. hungan1

    Nebraska's heartbreaking loss has a familiar ring to Gopher fans

    Strangely, I had mixed emotions about the Nebraska loss. I wanted them to lose because that is one more loss separation in the B1G West race. Nebraska looks better than it has ever been despite losing four games this year. There is a battle for second place in the division. The Gophers will face...
  9. hungan1

    Will the next starting RB please step up?

    We are down Mo and Trey. Bucky needs a little more meat on the bone. He may still surprise as the season goes. Here is a chance for Cam Wiley and Bryce Williams to make their case. Will Ky Thomas and Preston Jelen surprise? Maybe it will be run by a committee. The RB Room is quickly...
  10. hungan1

    Remembering former Gopher head coach Jim Wacker

    Jim Wacker was a consummate optimist and a man of integrity to a fault. He believed in winning the right way. “My heart is pumping and my corpuscles are jumping and it really is a wonderful time.” - Jim Wacker “One of the last things he told me was to enjoy my kids because life is all about...
  11. hungan1

    Why not bring back College Game Day for the Ohio State game at Minnesota?

    This is one of the most intriguing games early in the season. Why not? It will be in nice weather. We have some national recruiting to do. I want to hear Herb Kirkstreit say that Minnesota is a program to watch continually on the rise. It's a great promo for College Game Day and for the Big...
  12. hungan1

    Buffalo reached out to Gable Steveson

    Gable's stock continues to rise. That is bound to happen when you are the Heavy-Weight NCAA Champion and Olympic Gold Medalist. He is a trophy fish from the Land of Ten Thousand Lakes. Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott who was a former wrestler himself reached out to Gable Steveson. Should he...
  13. hungan1

    Gable Steveson Interested in playing Gopher Football

    How much football eligibility does he have? It will take him a couple of years in my opinion.
  14. hungan1

    I thought that I was blacklisted

    For the last three days, I could not log into Gopherhole or post. When I try to log in, I get an error. Something like "Error Code 404 - Could not find ???????? URL on this server." In other instances, I can log in. But, when I try to post a reply, I get this message: "Oops! We ran into some...
  15. hungan1

    College Game Day's Kirk Herbstreit's Blunt Message

    “I hate losing the tradition of the sport. I’ve always been, I guess, naive to it. I’ve tried to be the guy who thinks people care about tradition and rivalries. Clearly, the decision-makers don’t. It’s an arms race and it’s about the money” - Kirk Herbstreit, August 1, 2021 An admission by...
  16. hungan1

    It's time to consider Donkey as new team moniker

    Things are slow around here. Some team names are deemed inappropriate in this new era of awareness. "The Donkeys" is a moniker that is a perfect replacement. Instead of "The Fighting Sioux," why not consider "The Fighting Donkeys" (ahem, "The Fighting [email protected]")?
  17. hungan1

    Charlie Daniels officially added to the Gophers Roster

  18. hungan1

    History tells us Ben Johnson has a steep slope to climb

    Does Gopher Basketball have a curse? Are there any dead bodies buried under Williams Arena? The NCAA was not too kind to Gopher Men's Basketball. Clem Haskins and a certain booster left deep wounds. The Minnesota Golden Gophers Basketball is not the UNC Tarheels program. They just don't have...
  19. hungan1

    12-Team Playoffs, What's next? Players opting out?

    NIL is the start of players looking out for what is best for their own interests. If they implement a 12-team playoff format, potentially some players can end up playing a grueling seventeen-game schedule. There is potential for serious injury. Are some draft-eligible players going to opt out...

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