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  1. salzie

    Badger Wire ranks B1G QBs

    They're very impressed by Mertz one good game
  2. salzie

    Huskers Rivals ranks B1G QB's

    No Bias here
  3. salzie

    Potter hanging it up

    Won't use extra year The Wisconsin downfall begins 🤣
  4. salzie

    Athlon: Early B1G Football Predictions Has teams pretty much in same order as last year. 2. Minnesota Minnesota was the Big Ten’s biggest surprise in 2019, and coach P.J. Fleck’s squad isn’t going anywhere in 2020. An offense that averaged 34.1...
  5. salzie

    Geriatrics at the game

    With recent success I'm hoping the gophers can continue to attract new and younger fans. In years past I've found myself in a quiet stadium with people sitting politely and watching the game. While I'm grateful they've spent money on gophers, if your aim is to sit quietly in a church like manner...
  6. salzie

    Dakota Thomas commits

  7. salzie

    Good article on Bateman

    (sorry if already posted, I didn't see it)
  8. salzie

    Rivals: B1G QB MINNESOTA Starter: Undecided Contenders: Zack Annexstad , Tanner Morgan One of the Big Ten’s biggest storylines of last off-season was Annexstad, a true freshman walk-on, winning Minnesota’s starting...
  9. salzie

    I'm back!

    Was season ticket holder for few years with friend and his dad. My friend moved to Vegas so cancelled our season tickets. Attended 3 single games that ended up costing total of $300 so decided to buy season tickets in cheap seats (246) Not as good of seats as we used to have, but I'm happy to...
  10. salzie

    Iowa fans

    I've generally been on Iowa fans get bad rep here. I've been to kinnick, several home Games and have found Iowa fans pleasant. Today was another story. From kick off just obnoxious. I've never gotten into it with another fan base so much. .. made me hate Iowa more
  11. salzie

    Anyone looking to unload NMSU tickets

    I would be interested in 2-3 tickets. I know 3 is an unusual number, and might only need 2. I am looking for cheap tickets, I can get in door for $25 (including fee's) on line. If I can avoid fee's and help member out here I will. I'm sure I can get cheap from scalpers, so if you have premium...
  12. salzie

    Anyone know what tme Stubs opens on Game days

    For 11 am games we always started at Big 10. I think Sally's opens at 9am Any place open at 8am around there? I know Tony's diner does Sorry if repeat thread
  13. salzie

    Iowa fans

    I know there is a rivalry and internet trolls don't help but I've road tripped kinnick twice now and well say their fans are very hospitable Our tailgate neighbors fed us (we let gopher fans down and lost at corn hole) and were awesome Outside of one drunk student who didn't realize we won...

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