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    Critical Race Theory

    Republicans not only have no idea what their latest boogeyman actually means, they explicitly don't care:
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    All Things Cancel Culture

    It seems that the GOP plans to treat cancel culture as the existential threat that must be defeated for the '22 elections. People, this is a Flight 93 situation. We need a thread to discuss this urgent issue.
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    I had not heard of this, but apparently MN is trying contact tracing via phones. I'm sure people on this board will freak out and talk about big brother, but everyone should check it out...
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    All Things Trump vs the GOP

    This should be an enjoyable thread over the next 4 years. I suspect true believers will back Trump to the end, and those who casually defended him to own the libs will regret it, but never admit it
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    Question about the 2nd Amendment

    First, some assumptions: The key reason we need a 2nd Amendment is to allow the citizens to rise up against a government that has gone awry. Joe Biden, either willfully or as a result of senility, is going to usher in socialism and tyranny, destroying our rights and crushing the economy in the...
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    Trump Doesn't Want Votes Counted after Election Day

    This deserves it's own thread. He's saying a winner has to be declared on November 3rd, but that's deeply dangerous and patently unConstitutional. Absolutely every American should disagree with him. Read this thread, even though it should be obvious.
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    Is there no 2020 MNUFC thread?

    Because that was a crazy match I just watched.
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    Evidence of Structural Racism

    Just going to start a thread with these studies.
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    Peaceful Protests

    A reminder:
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    Qualified Immunity

    The police can basically do whatever they want according to the Supreme Court
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    The Official List of Deep State Actors

    Would be helpful if I knew who was Deep State so I could ignore them. Here's what I have. Please correct and amend: OBVIOUSLY: John Kelly John Bolton Fiona Hill William Taylor George Kent Marie Yovanovitch Tim Morrison Alex Vindman Jeff Flake Justin Amash Jim Comey Bob Mueller Rod Rosenstein...
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    Emails from Key Trump Adviser Stephen Miller Demonstrate his White Nationalism I'm sure people will complain about the SPLC, but I'll note that a Breitbart editor is on the record on this one.
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    DNC Server / Crowdstrike / Ukraine

    Most of the discussion centers around the Burisma investigation. But when Republicans defend the July 25 call, they point out that the first thing Trump asks for after the reference by Zelensky to the Javelins is Crowdstrike. The idea, I guess, is that Trump really just wants to investigate...
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    All Things IRS Whistleblower Complaint

    There's another Deep State NeverTrump Partisan Schiff-Coordinating Whistleblower: <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>
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