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  1. Donovan

    Gopher Invitational golf event this weekend at Windsong Farm

    I can’t find any information regarding if the public can attend and if yes, ticket info. Here’s the website, but it’s lacking. If you click on schedule of events, it looks like what the players would receive:
  2. Donovan

    Leftists next target: Medicine

    What Happens When Doctors Can't Tell the Truth? Whole areas of research are off-limits. Top physicians treat patients based on their race. An ideological 'purge' is underway in American medicine.
  3. Donovan

    If you find road/street engineering of interest

    There is good stuff on , I’ve attended a couple of presentations by the founder Chuck Marohn (he lives in Brainerd). I don’t think it needs to be a right left subject, which is a nice change. Here’s an interesting video (if you find this subject of interest):
  4. Donovan

    Nice addition to the Gopher women’s golf team

    For the 2022 class: Golf phenom Isabella McCauley, 17, qualifies for U.S. Women’s Open
  5. Donovan

    Could we actually get a bipartisan bill on an important issue?!

    Romney introduces legislation to tackle Social Security's funding shortfalls
  6. Donovan

    Fantastic letter from former parent of NYC prep school

    Tucker Carlson read a portion of this on his show tonight. It just nails the nonsense going on in many of our schools. The letter caused many affiliated with the school to feel “frightened and intimidate.” How pathetic. You Have to Read This Letter A New York father pulls his daughter out of...
  7. Donovan

    Alternative to CNN, FoxNews, MSNBC, etc...

    It would be great if this lives up to their promise. Kicks off Tuesday night on WGN:
  8. Donovan

    21st Century Welfare State

    I came across this guy’s Twitter page. He was born in Jamaica, moved to America to attend college. He has written several excellent articles. Here’s his latest. and one more:
  9. Donovan

    Another Goldman Sachs scandal

    More evidence that “the swamp” is bipartisan. I’ll be curious what happens in this case.
  10. Donovan

    Home invasion in Chicago

    The Ring doorbell video is surreal:
  11. Donovan

    Hey golfers, need to get out of the house?

    I noticed all the Twin City golf simulators are closed. On a whim last night I googled golf sims across the river. St. Croix National is open! They have 4 sims, and limit one person per stall and they don't sell any food or drink. I went their and hit balls for 2 hours. It was great. You need to...
  12. Donovan

    For any Depeche Mode fans...

    This movie is playing at the AMC EP Mall Sunday night at 7:00:
  13. Donovan

    a Poll on the odds PJ Fleck will be couching here fall of 2021

    Personally I'm saying 90%. I'm banking on my intuition that tells me he's a midwest guy, he likes the Twin Cities, loves living in a nice house on Lake Minnetonka during the summer, likes coaching a team in the B1G West division, doesn't want to restart a rebuild again so soon, and lastly wants...
  14. Donovan

    The next Enron?

    General Electric:
  15. Donovan

    Rick Singer, of college admissions bribery fame, was employed at IMG Academy

    A WSJ subscription is probably required to read this. He was employed between 2003-2009. However, one of his key hires was Mark Riddell who was employed through this year (and stayed connected with Singer). Riddell plead guilty this April to accepting over $200,000 for cheating on SAT and ACT...
  16. Donovan

    Does this represent the “off topic” board on occasion?

    Sorry if this has been posted previously, just came across it on Twitter tonight and cracked me up: By the way, can you imbed a tweet similar to a YouTube link? * Language warning if you’re at work *
  17. Donovan

    Scott Adams class on internet trolling

    I found this pretty entertaining:
  18. Donovan

    What could kill 80-90% of the U.S. population? EMP

    Yes, this was on FoxNews, but it's pretty apolitical. The solution is simple and needs to be completed:
  19. Donovan

    Minority Report style thought police

    Cathy Areu has some wonderful ideas on getting tough with sexist men. Curious how many progressives on here agree with her.

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