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  1. 50PoundHead

    Shots Fired by PJ Fleck on His Culture Critics

    And PJ's response is "I Won't Back Down." As an aside, I saw Petty and the Heartbreakers 4 times from the late-1970s to the mid-1980s. Always a phenomenal show. Tom Petty is sorely missed on the music scene. The thing about Fleck is that he said from the get-go that his flavor wasn't for...
  2. 50PoundHead

    Things going well at Illinois

    Bielema doesn't have a Phi Beta Kappa key swinging around his neck, but is this little snippet really that much different from some of the statements Kill made when he took over for Brewster? PJ's Year Zero approach was tamer, but really hit at the same issues.
  3. 50PoundHead

    Scott Frost: worst FBS Coach or Second Bottom?

    Salem was an M-man and the M-clubbers and the downtown guys really liked him. He had a decent record at South Dakota and Northern Arizona, so there was hope when he was hired. The firing of Cal Stoll always puzzled me because he was an M-man as well. I don't like to speak ill of the dead...
  4. 50PoundHead

    This suit!! This coach!! Elite.

    I was thinking Hubert White.
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    2021-2022 College Football Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    If I had a nickel for every time Frank Solich was rumored (by Sid and others) to be a candidate for the Gophers' HC job, I'd have about a dollar. I'm old enough to remember Solich as a 150 pound fullback for Bob Devaney's Huskers in the 1960s. Old school football guy from the top his head to...
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    Souhan: It's still too soon to say Gophers quarterback Tanner Morgan has turned the corner

    Souhan makes some reasonable points, but then pushes the envelope a bit too far (likely as an attempt to get clicks) and doesn't really delve into the differences between 2019 and 2021. Morgan lost what was probably the best WR tandem we've ever had and Tyler Johnson was clearly Morgan's...
  7. 50PoundHead

    Falck, Benhart on playing Minnesota

    I hope they don't have to wear a snorkel to bed tonight so they don't from drown in their tears. I really laugh when guys pop off like these two did, especially Falck. PJ probably wouldn't abide it, but I wouldn't have blamed Gopher players if they really gave it to these two after the game.
  8. 50PoundHead

    Scott Frost takes shot at Fleck: “I’m not into sloganeering."

    Frost just seems to be such a sour pr*ck.
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    Double-dipping with Gophers & Tommies

    Back in the 1960s and 1970s, St. Thomas and St. John's would usually play one of the big Catholic-affiliated universities once a season. Road games for the Minnesota teams of course. That might change now and your suggestion of the Xcel or Target Center is a good one.
  10. 50PoundHead

    Meatsauce on KFAN

    Was that "Farrell on the Bench?" He was pretty awesome and KFAN almost landed him. He was national and he had a petty solid stable of callers, a lot of them just weird enough to be funny without worrying about the safety of their neighborhood.
  11. 50PoundHead

    Meatsauce on KFAN

    I rarely listen. Only thing I catch on KFAN with any regularity is Dan Barreiro and sometimes KFAN is still on the dial when I head to work the next morning. Sludge has really come a long ways from his Sludge/Lake days and is a pretty good traffic cop on the show and moves things along. I've...
  12. 50PoundHead

    All Things Gophers Basketball Class of 2022 Recruiting Thread

    One of the greatest comedy scenes in the history of cinema!
  13. 50PoundHead

    Strack: Gophers Have a New Three-Headed Monster at Running Back

    Potts and Irving could develop into a nice thunder-and-lightning combination. Agree it would be nice to get Thomas into the rotation as well. I've always liked Bryce Williams, but it appears Fleck has the same allergic reaction to fumbles as Kill did.
  14. 50PoundHead

    11 years ago today…

    South Dakota QB Dante Warren responsible for 433 of South Dakota's 444 total yardage.
  15. 50PoundHead

    Miami University tidbits

    Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives and Ayn Rand aficionado Paul Ryan is also a Miami University graduate. Changed team name from Redskins to Redhawks in 1997.
  16. 50PoundHead

    Week 1 Other Games Thread

    One of the amazing things to me is that Coan turned out to be a much better QB than Hornibrook after taking over for the Badgers. Coan was a little jumpy (as many inexperienced QBs are) when he first took the reins, but he really improved his junior season and admired his toughness and...
  17. 50PoundHead

    Week 1 Other Games Thread

    Iowa and Wisconsin are basically plug-and-play with wrinkles added to a system that is well-established. It allows them to sacrifice some raw athleticism for guys who fit their base system.
  18. 50PoundHead

    Week 1 Other Games Thread

    Penix is really sh*tty.
  19. 50PoundHead

    Week 1 Other Games Thread

    He clearly needs a better logo for his NIL marketing. We've dug the Badgers' grave so many times, but it's a resilient program. That said, they do look a bit down talent-wise from where they've been in the past.

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