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  1. Sparlimb

    All in all, a good season with positives

    We have a set QB for next year and a team that knows the bitter taste of failing in a big game. Time for the coaches to recruit better players. Time for us to enjoy a decent bowl game, be happy with 10 or 11 wins and look forward to next year. Time to say goodbye to seniors who stuck it out...
  2. Sparlimb

    There's a reason no one bothers to watch anymore (UND series)

    At one point of the game Thursday night I said to my wife "North Dakota is faster than us, hits harder than us, more solid on defense, better at passing and far more skilled. Other than that it is pretty even." 9-3 loss at home with over half the crowd in green. Motzko has a long way to go...
  3. Sparlimb

    This is a scary game for Wisconsin

    I was thinking about this today. Think about this game from their point of view. They have more or less owned the west since its inception. Sure Iowa and Northwestern have a year now and then, but its been pretty much all Wisconsin the rest of the time. And here comes Minnesota, who with a...
  4. Sparlimb

    What grade would you give the Gopher Special Teams against Northwestern?

    Clearly the weakest part of our team...
  5. Sparlimb

    You know its been a good season so far when...

    When its early November and there's not one thread you've seen talking about the early signing period. December 18th, btw (I just looked it up). Feel free to add your own...
  6. Sparlimb

    San Diego viewing party

    Anyone else in the San Diego area going to watch the game versus Penn St at an establishment? I'll be there with a couple buddies and we're still trying to find the best sports bar that's actually open at 9. Many don't open until 10...
  7. Sparlimb

    Badgers Upset Other Stadiums Play Jump Around When "Jump Around" is played at Camp Randall Stadium prior to the start of the fourth quarter, it creates one of the unforgettable atmospheres in college football as fans literally...
  8. Sparlimb

    Let's talk Penn St

    Battle of unbeaten teams. 2 weeks to discuss. We usuallyplay them tough, its rarely a one sided game. All games: <Table> <TR><TD>2016/10/01 </TD><TD> Minnesota 26 - Penn St 29</TD> <TD>L OT</TD></tr> <TR><TD>2013/11/09 </TD><TD> Minnesota 24 - Penn St 10 </TD><TD>W</TD></tr>...
  9. Sparlimb

    Maryland Post Game Thread

    I'm no longer worried about Maryland. Boy was that a beating. We are very healthy and very ready for our toughest test of the season. I'm ready for Penn St.
  10. Sparlimb

    2nd team defense

    Let's talk about things good teams talk about (and so not usually us). Anyone concerned by how big of a drop off the second team defense was yesterday against Rutgers? All off a sudden a team that had like 80 yards of offense the entire game ripped open holes on running plays and our...
  11. Sparlimb

    Best of times, worst of times: Why the Big Ten is a historical anomaly this season Pat Forde If you’re wondering the last time the Big Ten standings looked like they do right now at the top, the answer is 1904. Horses, buggies, four 6-0 football teams. Get the news out on the...
  12. Sparlimb

    Week 8 Other Games Thread

    Some juicy games this week Clemson @ Louisville - Probably the one ACC team that could pull off the upset, although I don't see it. Purdue @ Iowa - No defense vs No Offense - We could use a Boiler Win Baylor @ Oklahoma St - First loss for Baylor Michigan @ Penn St - One of the East teams will...
  13. Sparlimb

    Curry blows out knee again???

    The progress junior forward Eric Curry made toward being ready to play this season suffered a significant setback Monday with an injury to his right knee in practice, team sources told the Star Tribune. Following two injury-plagued seasons, Curry was getting close to being fully recovered...
  14. Sparlimb

    Look Who's Still Standing

    Look who's still standing At what point do we start taking Baylor seriously in the Big 12? Or how about Minnesota in the Big Ten? Both teams entered Saturday unranked, but both are now 5-0. Baylor went on the road and dominated a strong Kansas State team, while Minnesota finally snapped its...
  15. Sparlimb

    Karma - Gopher Style

    As a long time Gopher fan, I've seen us lose every which way. This year has been really refreshing. Probably need to recap... 1. South Dakota St. - Normally we're the team that fumbles away a game they are dominating late in the 2nd half and then watch as the other team takes the ball...
  16. Sparlimb

    Bowl Projection Week 4

    We're so good, one guy from ESPN has us in 2 bowl games.
  17. Sparlimb

    Under-the-radar game of the day (MN v GSU)

    From ESPN P.J. Fleck must have done something amazing in a past life, because he has plenty of karma on his side in 2019. Minnesota moved to 3-0 with a Tyler Johnson touchdown pass with 13 seconds to play to upend Georgia Southern 35-32. It was the third straight one-possession win for the...
  18. Sparlimb

    Victor Pless Commits

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  19. Sparlimb

    Brandon Peters

    Any reason we wouldn't want a grad transfer competing for a starting spot?
  20. Sparlimb

    Net Update Post Michgan

    I assume with a 27 point loss we'll move up. Anyone else want to guess?

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