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  1. Cobra

    4-8 tell me I’m wrong (Indiana)

  2. Cobra

    So how do you guys really feel about Huskers coming to town?

    Cornholio nation!!! Yeah!!!
  3. Cobra

    Nebraska Offense This Year

    Looked like losers to me!
  4. Cobra

    Big Ten Power Rankings.

    Why doesn't Indiania play us in Mpls? Must be skeered.
  5. Cobra

    Good to see…

    Good to see no gopherhole whiners anywhere.
  6. Cobra

    Week 2 Other Games Thread

    Husker is just another word for Booger!
  7. Cobra

    Week 2 Other Games Thread

    NEBBY still sucks!!!
  8. Cobra

    Week 2 Other Games Thread

    Butt Bulemia? BWAHAHAHA!!!
  9. Cobra

    Northwestern sucks

  10. Cobra

    Northwestern sucks

    They don't suck as bad as NEBBY!!!
  11. Cobra

    Nebraska and two days!

    Frost is such a...

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