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  1. SonOfTheVarsity

    ESPN B1G Blog Preview Two questions: 1. Why in the world do they have a Michigan writer doing a Gopher preview? 2. Could she have done a worse job?
  2. SonOfTheVarsity

    The last time...

    Illinois lost by 17+ in Champaign? A 73-56 loss to Wisconsin on January 25, 1997. Fantastic game tonight for the Gophers.
  3. SonOfTheVarsity

    Gopher bar in Mora/Hinckley

    Anybody know of a good bar to watch the Gophers in the Mora/Hinckley area? Satellite package up there doesn't get BTN. I went to a few places looking for the Gopher/Syracuse game (also on BTN), and nobody was playing it.
  4. SonOfTheVarsity

    B1G First Impressions

    So how would everybody rank the Big Ten as far as how impressed they've been with each team? Not versus expectations, just as far as how each team has actually looked on the field? My list: 1. Michigan St.: No brainer 2. Ohio St.: 2 easy wins 3. Northwestern: Same plucky Wildcats as always. A...
  5. SonOfTheVarsity

    Women's World Cup

    If you didn't see that game, you have to watch the replay at 11 pm. That was one of the single greatest and most dramatic games I can remember seeing, in any sport. Incredible.
  6. SonOfTheVarsity

    Jedd Fisch in running for Miami OC

    According to Cane Insider, Jedd Fisch's name is being tossed around for the offensive coordinator position at Miami. Not sure what to make of it--just thought it was interesting.
  7. SonOfTheVarsity

    Devoe's Minutes

    Devoe was playing 25 minutes a game. How does everybody think his minutes should/will be divided? Blake's just short of 34 minutes, so I don't think he could take too many more. Al plays 29.6 minutes, and I'd assume he'll end up with the same minutes as Blake now. I'd say the bulk should go...
  8. SonOfTheVarsity

    Nolen out for "a couple of weeks"

    Just saw this:
  9. SonOfTheVarsity

    Siena loses opener

    80-76 to Vermont. Rossiter posted 27.

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