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  1. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    If there aren't enough 6 win teams in FBS, it goes to 5 wins & APR. Nebraska usually has a good APR.
  2. Ski U Mah Gopher

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    Gophers Get a UMD Sweep (with a FB & hockey gamer underneath)
  3. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    Las Vegas Bowl all the way (if a NYD Bowl is out)
  4. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    Remember, this is a snapshot. Purdue had just beaten Iowa (pretty badly) and the Gophers still have the Bowling Green stench to wash off.
  5. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Minnesota Vs. Nebraska 2021 - Media Predictions Thread

    In 2019, the 2 games off the bye Tanner Morgan threw 3 incomplete passes, total. Maybe the bye will jump-start him for the season.
  6. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Gophers to play North Dakota in 2028 & 2030

    I think UST will be content playing non-scholarship football for the time being.
  7. Ski U Mah Gopher

    All Things 2021 Gophers in the NFL Thread

    The Cards lose Williams for the season and what do they do? Trade for Zach Ertz. They are going for it...
  8. Ski U Mah Gopher

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    Stunning Sweep - Gophers Beat Huskies Again
  9. Ski U Mah Gopher


    Yes, that is the painting, but who painted it?
  10. Ski U Mah Gopher


    Here's a sample question: The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum art theft in 1990 is the largest unsolved art theft. One of the pieces stolen was “The Concert” by which artist? He’s better known for a painting which went by many names, including “Girl with a Turban” and “Head of a Young Girl”...
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    I wrote a game that is actually available to be heard by everyone!!!! It is the Triviality Podcast episode #232 Available on your favorite podcasting app.
  12. Ski U Mah Gopher

    All Things MLB Postseason games

    If you want to choose who you play" 1. Win your division 2. Have the best record in the league. I remember Mike Wilbon suggesting the choose your opponent 1st round for the NBA. Seeds 5-8 would be drafted as opponents by seeds 1-3 (4 would get whoever was left). Say the Nuggets were the 1st...
  13. Ski U Mah Gopher

    World Cup Qualifiers

    Gregg Berhalter is doing a great job in recruiting the multi-internationals. Pepi - US over Mexico Dest - US over Netherlands Musah - US over England (he played internationally at the youth level for them) & Ghana Reyna - US over Portugal, England & Argentina (he was never going to play for...
  14. Ski U Mah Gopher

    All Things MLB Postseason games

    I don't mind the 1-game wild card, WIN THE DIVISION!!! But, the division series should go like this: Before the WC game, the top seed gets to choose whether they play the WC winner or the 3rd seeded division winner. For example this year, before the WC game the Rays would say, they would...
  15. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Seth Davis: What’s next in conference realignment? College basketball mailbag

    The WCC now only has 2 non-Catholic schools (Pepperdine-Churches of Christ & Pacific-Methodist) The of the other schools in the conference, 4 are Jesuit, and one each of Holy Cross, De La Salle, and one not in an order (just Roman Catholic).
  16. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Trey Potts - UPDATED With Statement from the U

    I thought once Potts was transported to the hospital, HIPAA applies to the hospital. Can they release stuff to the U without permission?
  17. Ski U Mah Gopher

    Ben Johnson's Gophers picked to finish 14th in the unofficial Big Ten men's hoops preseason media poll

    Doing the math, there were 6 voters that voted the Gophers 13th, the other 22 voted them last.
  18. Ski U Mah Gopher

    All Things Maddyn Greenway Recruitment Thread (Class of 2026, Gophers Offered)

    True was at Indiana, and his daughter played volleyball for the hated Badgers.

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