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  1. GopherRock

    FYI: 35W Closed Again This Weekend For those coming from the south/west, 35W is closed through south Minneapolis this weekend (Crosstown to 94), starting at 9pm tonight.
  2. GopherRock

    FYI: 35W Closed Next Two Weekends

    For those of you coming to campus from the south or west, I-35W will be closed through south Minneapolis the next two weekends.
  3. GopherRock

    Spurrier Retires Effective Immediately

    Breaking. Multiple sources reporting...
  4. GopherRock

    One extra for Saturday

    Have an extra to sell. Section Z2, right above the tunnel where the Gophers take the field. PM if you're interested.
  5. GopherRock

    For sale: 2 tickets for Saturday's game

    Section 231, row 9. $100 for the pair. PM if you're interested.
  6. GopherRock

    Northbound 35W Closed This Weekend

    MnDOT is closing northbound 35W through south Minneapolis from 11:45 PM Friday night through 5 AM Monday morning. For those of you going to the game from the south or southwest, be aware of this and plan accordingly.
  7. GopherRock

    Iowa coach Fran tossed last night in Madison Didn't see it posted here. In NCAA, if a coach or player gets ejected, does he automatically have to sit the next 1 game? Even if the rule says you don't, Fran...
  8. GopherRock

    2 tickets for Penn State game

    tickets sold please delete
  9. GopherRock


    When was the last time a Republican candidate cleared 50% of the vote in any statewide election in Minnesota?
  10. GopherRock

    State Government Shutdown

    Well, for those of you who are always screaming for "smaller government," you're going to have your chance to experience it starting Friday morning. I think you're not going to like it very much after a while. Better get all your licenses done before 4:30 tomorrow afternoon. Next time you...
  11. GopherRock

    MSHSL to add Class 6A for football

    Per the League's Facebook page (which is essentially John Millea live-reporting from the board room), 6A will start in the fall of 2012. Details haven't yet been released, but it's looking like the 32 biggest schools. Section football scheduling was defeated 12-5. Motion for this was brought...
  12. GopherRock

    Kansas FAIL

    And GopherLady's favorite coach craps out in the tournament to a decided underdog AGAIN. Never in my life have I been so happy to see my PPD get busted.
  13. GopherRock

    The 2011 GopherHole NCAA Tournament Pick Pool

    Over at ESPN, I've set up the group that allows all of us poor saps to be humbled by the lunacy that is the NCAA Tournament. Group name: GopherHole Picks Password: gopherhole
  14. GopherRock

    Pick Per Day for Saturday, Jan 8

    I know rrjack has yet to put up the thread, but here's mine: GopherRock: Washington State -13.5
  15. GopherRock

    The GH PS Pick Game Bowl Bonanza!

    $720 apana $630 Plinnius $551 NateDawgUM $517 alpinegopher $430 Silvio $396 Ski U Mah Gopher $353 mjohnson6767 $325 RadioBadger $308 hyaluronic $290 alltimetwinsfan $245 GoFerFan $229 MNSnowman $224 GopherRock $208 btowngopher $185...
  16. GopherRock


    If you like ground-and-pound basketball, put it on ESPN or hit Our own Coasterville is there tonight and he's reported it's a nuthouse at Cintas Center. 45-39 Muskies with 4:33 left in regulation.
  17. GopherRock

    Apple Cup on Facebook

    Not sure if any of you have friends in either the Wazzu or UDub systems. I have friends in both places, and the latest fad is to change your profile picture to an official symbol of the university which you support in the series. This means that my news feed is full of pictures of the funky...
  18. GopherRock

    THE NEW COACH IS IN THIS THREAD! *Or* The GH PS Pick Game Week 14

    $630 Plinnius $524 NateDawgUM $518 apana $430 Silvio $426 alpinegopher $378 Ski U Mah Gopher $353 mjohnson6767 $308 hyaluronic $290 alltimetwinsfan $261 soneillumn $245 GoFerFan $229 MNSnowman $224 GopherRock $208 btowngopher $185 josh087 $172 MKE_Gopher $170...
  19. GopherRock

    President Bruininks...

    Someone with better eyes than I will have to confirm this, but was that President Bruininks along side Joel Maturi shaking hands with the seniors as they were being introduced? I thought that was a classy move by Bobby B.
  20. GopherRock

    The GH PS Pick Game Week 13: EARLY DEADLINE

    $955 Zales04 $636 Plinnius $500 RadioBadger $433 alpinegopher $407 josh087 $385 StanTheCaddy $374 NateDawgUM $353 mjohnson6767 $338 Ski U Mah Gopher $308 hyaluronic $307 Jike Spingleton $290 alltimetwinsfan $276 apana $245 GoFerFan $229...

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