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  1. highwayman

    Amazing how the GH thread and post traffic slows…

    …when the Gophers win and in fact dominate. Shows you how the naysayers and malignant “fans” try to spew their venom by volume. In the end they have nothing to say and add nothing to the conversation.
  2. highwayman

    Highlights Minnesota at Colorado

    For those who were unable to be there or didn’t stream the game…
  3. highwayman

    B1G, ACC, PAC12 Pact developing? I guess we’ll see…
  4. highwayman

    Nebraska celebrates 3-5 and pummeling of Rutgers.

    High fives and chest-bumps. Go big Red. Really inspiring.
  5. highwayman

    Last time a Gopher and a Viking rushed for 200 the same weekend?

    Never me thinks...and both are the NFL and NCAA leading YPG rushers? Even neverer.
  6. highwayman

    No one punts on 4th and goal...

    Yes they do... Yahooooo! Getting some notice on this one.
  7. highwayman

    Jim Harbaugh and the uncomfortable truth of his Michigan football tenure

    "In the words of Harbaugh, Michigan was ascending. And then, just like that, it wasn’t. In retrospect, the close loss to Ohio State on Nov. 26, 2016 — remembered for a controversial spot of the football — was a turning point. The Wolverines never have been as close to realizing their dreams...
  8. highwayman

    Antoine Winfield Sr. and Jr. can make NFL history against Aaron Rodgers this Sunday

    "...But there’s a side story that makes this game even more interesting. Bucs safety Antoine Winfield Jr. who’s playing at a Defensive Rookie of the Year clip, could make NFL history (and certainly family history) if he’s able to pick off a Rodgers pass." Full Story
  9. highwayman

    Haskins benching

    Dwayne Haskins' poor study and practice habits led to his benching I know this isn't really Gopher football related. However, coaching styles, program goals, and work ethic is. I wonder where he picked up his study and practice work ethic? When you have great natural ability, sometimes the...
  10. highwayman


    Just thought we needed a new thread.
  11. highwayman

    Upcoming Gopher Classics on BTN

    SATURDAY September 26 6:00pm CT Minnesota Football Classic: Minnesota at Michigan - 10/8/05 Jason Giannini kicked a 30-yard field goal with one second remaining to push the Golden Gophers past the 21st-ranked Wolverines 23-20 at the Big House. This show will also re-air: Sep. 28, 2020 4:00pm...
  12. highwayman

    With Big Ten back, will NCAA prevent star players from returning to school?

    "Minnesota star wide receiver Rashod Bateman has returned to school and enrolled in full-time classes after declaring for the draft early in August and signing with an agent. Two Ohio State stars, Shaun Wade and Wyatt Davis, have announced their intention to return to play after declaring they’d...
  13. highwayman

    Football Stadium Digest: More schools announce in-person fall semesters as planning for NCAA football season continues

    Sort of a redundant story, but Minnesota gets more pub, plus a nice promo picture of The Bank. "One of the latest schools to announce an in-person fall semester was the University of Minnesota, where President Joan Gabel is recommending a resumption this fall of in-person instruction and the...
  14. highwayman

    Reminder: Minnesota Day on BTN MONDAY May 11th

    Minnesota sports cornucopia. Volleyball, softball, baseball, hockey, wrestling, basketball! Herb Brooks Elite. The 60 minute versions of 2013 and 2014 Nebraska football games, and the 2019 Penn State and Auburn games. Yippee ka-yea!
  15. highwayman

    Shout out to Nibir Sarma

    College Jeopardy! Champion. $100,000. It don’t hurt. Wore his Gopher gear throughout and pumped the U culture when he was interviewed. Member of the hockey band. Outstanding representative.
  16. highwayman

    U of M Alumni in Arizona - meeting unabashed football booster Joan Gabel

    We were honored to attend the Alumni Association reception in Phoenix last night. The alumni were introduced to the new President, Joan T. A. Gabel. Aside from the usual platitudes, I must say I was impressed by her unabashed support for the football program and the sports program in general...
  17. highwayman

    Photos in your Gopher gear!

    Off-season fun! Post around the country and around the world photos of yourself in your Gopher gear. Tell us where you are! Laughlin, Nevada. Aquarius Hotel and Casino; Colorado River.
  18. highwayman

    Thank You Gopher Fans

    Thank you all for believing all year long. Yeah, I might be Pollyanna-ish, but my journey began on the tying TD at Fresno and Winfield’s subsequent pick. The three NC wins were what made this team. A special season that got better as it went. The Penn State game was the best in-game...
  19. highwayman

    So, does everyone understand what “culture” means now?

    When Fleck was hired, and even up to today, Fleck (and Coyle) was mocked for his use of the word “culture”. He was mocked for saying his “culture” was some how better than that of Kill or Claeys. Hey, their cultures were just fine. Guess what, the missing ingredient was the culture of...

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