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  1. FredCoxRocks

    'Fan Van' stolen

    Be on the lookout.
  2. FredCoxRocks

    Coney Durr article at StarTribune

    I'm posting this because I am a big Coney Durr fan. Link provided, and a copy/paste of the article for those unable to find their way around the paywall. Go Coney!!!
  3. FredCoxRocks

    Bryce Witham

    Who will ever forget his catch against Auburn? Best wishes for the future, kid!
  4. FredCoxRocks

    University of Minnesota on 60 Minutes

    The U of M got plenty of air time and was showcased on 60 Minutes this evening discussing colleges around the country eliminating sports they say is a result of Covid. Coyle, Fleck, the football program, were all discussed but I found the interviews with the men's gymnastics coach a good watch...
  5. FredCoxRocks

    Tanner Morgan is rated

    ...I’m just not sure where.
  6. FredCoxRocks

    I'm no expert, but is this a good thing?...
  7. FredCoxRocks

    University of Minnesota Board of Regents member not anticipating on-campus classes in fall
  8. FredCoxRocks

    Nibir Aarma wins Jeopardy! College Challenge
  9. FredCoxRocks

    Brevyn Spann-Ford playing time

    From all things I've heard about him leading up to the season I thought I would have seen him play a little more. What's the story here?
  10. FredCoxRocks

    Fleck's rule: 'You commit to me, you can't go see another place' Ya, I can understand.
  11. FredCoxRocks

    Happy Birthday, PJ Fleck And for those who care more about the last guy, Tracy Claeys' birthday is on December 25th so you can wish him a Merry Christmas and happy birthday on the same day.
  12. FredCoxRocks

    Shannon Brooks out for the year

    Coach just said. Leg injury.

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