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  1. armygopher

    Pitino out at MN. Nuff said.

    Look ahead to next year.
  2. armygopher

    Good or bad...IU student sues over Title XI biased

    Check out IU student sues university over Title XI biased. Its on here in Indy. Accused of rape, sues over bias against male students, defamation of it. Not saying anyone is right, wrong, guilty or not.
  3. armygopher

    B1G Tournament Practice Times??

    I live in Indy, and have tickets for Thursday night section 20....Huge Gophers fan. I am wondering does anyone know what the times are for gophers to pratice/warm-up, other than right before game time? Would be nice to see practice too. Bankers life is 10 minutes from the house and i get free...

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