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  1. FredCoxRocks

    Week 7 Bowl Projections

    Until next week...
  2. FredCoxRocks

    Ohio State Rematch

    Some Ohio St. fans sat behind us during the first game of the year. They were alright as far as opposing fans go. After the game, I was talking to one of them and as we parted ways we said "see you in Indy" at the exact same time. Whoa.... However, neither of us immediately said "jinx" so I...
  3. FredCoxRocks

    Tanner isn't going anywhere

    I've got a feeling that after his playing days he is a Fleck underling and follows him around wherever he goes.
  4. FredCoxRocks

    The Gopher Defense is Improving

    Right on! That's been the case for most of the season.
  5. FredCoxRocks

    Ohio State Rematch

    But we need to start making hotel and rental car reservations for Indy. Kenny G is playing there that weekend and things could fill up real fast.
  6. FredCoxRocks

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    Souhan: Maryland and Minnesota prove that traditional helmet design has gone by the wayside
  7. FredCoxRocks

    Predictions for Purdue vs. Wisconsin on Saturday?

    Wisconsin will win...only to piss me off.
  8. FredCoxRocks

    Cam Wiley in transfer portal

    Still, only so many schollies to go around per the rules. PWO at a perennial top ten...or, free college at any other P5 school? This is what these players have to decide. I know my parents would say, "FREE COLLEGE!"
  9. FredCoxRocks

    Winning at a .700 Clip

    Rashad Still reminds me of Troy Williamson.
  10. FredCoxRocks

    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    Aside from the early home-state offer, PJ Fleck the first to offer this Illinois kid that seems to be on everyone's radar now...
  11. FredCoxRocks

    Iowa Lodging Recommendations

    I went down there with my wife and some of her family in '09. They are all Iowans and for the most part are pretty good. My sister-in-law (a U of I alum) set up the whole the time she traveled for work and was good at handling all that crap. I can't remember the place but I remember...
  12. FredCoxRocks

    Things going well at Illinois

    I wonder if Jim Souhan will write an article.
  13. FredCoxRocks

    Purdue now ranked 25

    I'm not going to worry about it too much. Having Iowa ranked as high as #2 in the country only proves that these pollsters really have no idea.
  14. FredCoxRocks

    Big Ten West after week 7

    And this is the crux of the matter. Tanner can't have one bad pass against an Iowa defense. However, in pretty much every game this year we have seen terribly thrown balls, underthrown balls, and whatever balls those were at the end of the Bowling Green game. Tanner Morgan needs to be perfect...
  15. FredCoxRocks

    What do you predict for actual in-person attendance for Gophers/Huskers game?

    I watched on TV..looked like a good crowd on my screen. The student section filled up quite nicely throughout the first half. The 2:30 start against Maryland will be nice.
  16. FredCoxRocks

    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    Hawaii Rainbow Warriors to the rescue.
  17. FredCoxRocks

    So how do you guys really feel about Huskers coming to town?

    Actually, it's more like this... Gopher fans seeing Nebraska on the schedule before the season started... Gopher fans this week...

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