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  1. dlw4gophers

    Curtis Dunlap Jr has entered the transfer portal...again

    The kid is doing what he thinks is best for him. Let’s leave it at that.
  2. dlw4gophers

    Rutgers and Wisconsin volleyball tickets for sale.

    I have two tickets, row 8 sec. 109 for sale for each match. Rutgers are $15 each and Wisconsin are $50 each. PM me if interested.
  3. dlw4gophers

    Volleyball Recruiting - 2023

    Welcome aboard. What do we know about this setter?
  4. dlw4gophers

    Big Ten West after Week 5

    We will know more after Iowa play PSU
  5. dlw4gophers

    Just know you get babysat by the officials to no end

    Always a treat when some loser troll comes on GH after they lose
  6. dlw4gophers


    Much needed win. If beating Purdue was this tough, the rest of the season should be interesting. Congratulations on a road win in the big10
  7. dlw4gophers

    4 tickets in Sec. 114 and and lot 37 tailgate pass. $500

    Sorry. This is for the Maryland game.
  8. dlw4gophers

    4 tickets in Sec. 114 and and lot 37 tailgate pass. $500

    This is sold as a package. Please don't ask to by the tailgate pass by itself. PM me if interested.
  9. dlw4gophers

    All Things Gophers at Colorado Road Trip Thread

    We have been here since the 13th. We fly home today. Spent 8 nights in Estes Park and 3 in Boulder. Had a really great time. Love these Colorado road trips. Maybe we can get Air Force in a few years.
  10. dlw4gophers

    Justin Walley

    I ha e not seen Michigan yet, but PSU is looking very impressive
  11. dlw4gophers

    Gophers should play in U.S Bank Stadium.

    Check Colorado’s schedule. They have 6 games in Folsom this year. The A&M game was considered a home game. No thanks.
  12. dlw4gophers

    Gopher Volleyball 2021-Fall Season

    YouTube always has the replays within a day or two.
  13. dlw4gophers

    Colorado tickets and U Ticket Office

    I flew to Denver Sunday. 6 tickets paid for from the U, none in hand yet. I called the tickets office today and was told they would be at will call Saturday. They will also have a representative on hand in case there is a problem. I can only hope.
  14. dlw4gophers

    2 tickets for Volleyball vs Nebraska for sale

    I have two season tickets for Volleyball. I will be out of town on October 30th and will be selling my tickets to the Nebraska match. Section 109 row 8. $100 for the pair. PM me if interested. Once the tickets are sent out by the U, the transaction can be made.
  15. dlw4gophers

    Former Governor Arne Carlson, Former Gopher Captain Jim Carter Critical of U for Allowing Huntington's Branding at TCF Bank Stadium

    For all of you criticts, it's an easy fix. Come up with the millions of dollars that these naming rights generate. Then you can name the stadium anything you want.
  16. dlw4gophers

    Gopher Volleyball 2021-Fall Season

    They had me at fill the PAV. I can't wait for this team to get back on the court.
  17. dlw4gophers

    Gopher Softball 2022

    Not defending her, but could all be upper classes and she is going with her recruits so they are not going to see the field
  18. dlw4gophers

    Bally's Sports North Subscriptions -- $23/month ???

    I am on HULu and don’t t get it now. Don’t miss it and would not pay a extra nickel for it.
  19. dlw4gophers

    Softball Recruiting

    The letter really means nothing anymore. With the transfer portal get use to it. You have to hope the kids are sold on the program and it is the right fit for them. Watching the WCWS, seems to be transfers in every program.

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