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    Weekend Preview including game with Mich

    A good read about several games, and a preview of our game is included. Mich sure is replacing a lot this year... our offense should score... They also point out that we replace a lot up front on D, which we already know...
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    CFBS: Bateman opt out impact on Minnesota

    Breaks down what was expected of Bateman and who will be counted on to step up in 2020 now. I also think CAB is going to have a big year.
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    True Freshmen to watch for the Gophers

    Thomas, Jackson and Keys are featured. I don't see a lot of time for many true freshmen this year, but you never know. I guess there is a path for these guys to see some time.
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    Gophers ranked 4th in returning offensive talent

    I've posted links to a couple of these rankings, but today they have a feature about the top returning offensive talent. Gophers are 4th and the article mentions they were close to third. Love the attention the Gophers are getting. Could be a dynamite offensive season...
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    Around the B1G West...

    Article featuring a breakthrough second year player for each team... Post your guess who it is for Gophers... or other teams before you read... then lets see how we do!!!
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    Faalele is in the top 25 OT

    Big fella getting props. I love the line about him looking like a monstar. Wish there was video of him though... Gophers doing well in these rankings...
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    Favorite Gopher for 2020

    Who is it? For me it is Faalele... just love when the big guy dominates... he is a crusher!
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    It's over at CFB Saturdays... I just read the article had to share...
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    Fleck getting credit for his great season

    It's obvious that the big season has boosted recruiting. I found this site that's relatively new, they have a few Minnesota things on there, but I really noticed this article Fleck is featured in... he is the 2nd one discussed. It's a free site so I will link it for you guys...

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