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    When NCAA losses the Alston Trail

    Would u still watch or attend the college games if kids were making 100,000? Would u attend or support the U if none revenue sports are cut to support football? Would u continue to donate to your college university? Obviously there would be a new division to college sports, would Minnesota...
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    What a terrible matchup for him. Struggles so much with quickness and up in your face defenders. And trying to guard little guys yikes. Then trying to go 1 on 3 falling down air balls gets tiring to watch. Your supposed to be the best player show up.
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    Fired DC sooner

    What could have been... I just wonder Clearly this was a huge issue bigger than even most thought. 2 more wins? 3?
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    Vs Miami

    We have the biggest game of this early season Wednesday vs #11 Miami and nobody is talking about this game? This board is so weird! Who is all going? Key matchups? What will be our challenges? Who is all going? Get freaking fired up these games are very important do u want a top 3 seed in the...
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    Fab 4

    I am starting to think this is not out of the question anymore. Can u imagine how this state would be going crazy! 4 very high end Minnesota talent landing at the U! Let's go Tre and Gabe!
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    This is on the players

    We played like we did on our 5 game losing streak. Not enough or any big touches.. how many times did lynch have his guy completely sealed no entry from numerous wings. Looking right at him then pass away. Murphy hardly any touches. We were winning because bigs were touching the ball and...
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    Big Ten coach of the year

    I think it's clearly down to Pitino and Collins. I would give it to Pitino myself from how far they have come wow But have a feeling Collins gets it because Northwestern has never been to the tournament.
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    Gopher tickets

    I am not a season ticket holder but attend gophers games every year. For the fans who actually buy tickets will u be attending next year? I will not until Coyle or Kaler are fired. Sorry players who stay!
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    Duke Lacrosse

    How do these early findings compare to the Duke Lacrosse findings early on? Are we headed down this road? Because I remember everyone getting pissed off about the Lacrosse players then having to change there tune.
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    Police report vs EOAA

    I have only read police report ..this was done immediately after it happened so everything is fresh in your memory. Sounds like consensual for first 3 guys. Investigators saw videos with clear indication of sex from guys who are paid and trained in this field. Why are other six suspended...
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    Black lives matter

    I am not a big believer of this group at all. But isn't this what this group represents unjust for the black community. U have 6 players who were not involved at all what so ever and a university who is lumping them them in with a so called rap accusation with those other 4 guys. The U is...
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    My outrage is with 6 other players

    My outrage with the U and this situation is the 6 players who were not involved. We can debate where or not the other 4 should be suspended or not and no one knows. And what ever school decides on these 4 i am fine with. There wouldn't have been any outrage by the people if the U just had these...
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    Our own Fab 5!

    Let's do this! PG Tre Jones SG Gabe Kalscheur SF Mathew Hurt PF Race Thompson C Daniel Outro All with Minnesota kids! Can we say final 4! Dream Big!
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    He can he be the next Linsey Whalen?!?! A local stud who turns around a program. This is what many of us have said for years! Someone come be this guy! I can see more local guys following his lead and see how this city will give this kid so much love! And I think we got a heck of a player in...
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    New OC ideas ?

    Let's get this going who do u want or like? I think hire will come this week.. Cleays has his guy already maybe someone he had a lot of trouble figuring out on the defensive side of the ball. I think this will be a good hire otherwise u don't put your balls on the line. I a, very excited for...
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    2016 starters

    It s hard to keep up with who will be back ..who we lost.... With all the injuries Offense WR will be solid gentry, still, wolitarsky, holland, register, snealson, carter TE lingen is a stud ??? RB Brooks , smith. Solid ???? OL. lauer, Mayes, Moore, pirsig, ????? QB Mitch , Croft ...
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    Big ten seniors

    Big ten seniors that had impact on there teams Wis Jackson Dukan Gasser Kaminski Maryland Smotrycz Wells Pack Michigan st Trice Dawson Iowa Oglesby White Purdue Octeus Ohio state Scott Thompson Williams Indiana 0 Illinois Starks Abrams Rice Egwn Michigan 0 Minnesota Hollies...
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    Needs its own thread! Lets get this done!
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    Sorry this needs its own thread. Lets get this done! I am so excited for this.
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    college football playoff

    They have set the 13 member committee yesterday so very interesting names on it. I hope they play the semifinals on a Saturday and final on a Saturday. It would be nice to have a big college football party. It's says the committee will also pick the teams for the top 4 other bowl games.. the...

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