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    China - Taiwan

    There might be grandstanding and talk of doing something, but I'm not confident that anything will happen on America's end. It seems like most of our corporations and politicians are too self-interested to let this get in the way of their own personal gains from their relationships with China.
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    All Things showing Biden’s (or whoever is running the show) weakness, ineptitude, and progressive leftism

    According to some on here, he is very stable. I mean, it's really the reporter's fault for asking, because his response was really the only logical answer to that question.
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    Gophers at NIL disadvantage? Huskers, Iowa to benefit?

    Yes, with all of the people that have thought about solutions for this and most other problems, someone would have come up with the perfect solution by now, if there was one. Though, changes in circumstances can make some options more enticing over time. The grass usually appears greener on...
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    Antifa Involvement in Riots

    Well, most of the antifa members are white...
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    CSPAN - Ranking of U.S. Presidents for 2021

    One problem that I can see with a survey like this is that it's bound to be weighted toward presidents that were more active in policy-making. After all, historians are less likely to notice presidents that sat back and left the same guidelines in place (along with Congress). There are many...
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    Treasury Secretary Mnuchin directs IRS to boost audits on wealthy

    1. What are "wealthy Americans?" 2. Was it only for "wealthy Americans ", or were the audits relaxed for everyone?
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    Actual chance at beating Ohio State?

    It will be an interesting game. The 2021 Gophers will be playing the 2021 Buckeyes, and no one knows exactly how either team will look. But, I believe that this will not be a low-scoring game, and the Gophers will need to limit the Buckeyes to 3 points instead of allowing 7 points on the...
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    Rodney Smith's 50 Yard Challenge

    That looks like an awesome program. Great job, and thank you, to Rodney and all others that are involved with it!
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    Ranking the loudest stadiums in the Big Ten (#8. TCF Bank Stadium)

    The metrodome was probably the loudest in the Big Ten for the very few big games that occurred there.
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    The Socialists Are Coming!!! India Walton (D-Soc) stuns longtime Dem incumbent in Buffalo mayoral primary.

    I am not sure republicans at large will use that to gain any real advantage. Frankly, many republicans are not all that conservative, either, and definitely are not boisterous about it.
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    Critical Race Theory

    It also creates a situation of hopelessness (we cannot change our genetic makeup), which leaves no incentive to change, anyway. Unfortunately, the only people that are probably going to benefit from this are the ones teaching it/pushing it, as it enhances their wealth/power. For everyone else...
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    Texas energy situation and green new deal

    Is it Trump's border wall, or is it Texas' border wall?
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    Peter Smith, GOPer who sought Clinton's emails from Russian hackers, commits suicide

    Clinton is an old, rich, white guy. I've been told that there's no way to come back to the right side of life at that point.
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    Trump shuts down his blog, frustrated by its low readership.

    Maybe there should just be an all things former presidents thread where people can vent.
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    Biden Not Fit For Office: per US Generals

    If a person wants to save their money and doesn't have the means to grow that money through investment, then they are screwed.
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    Biden Not Fit For Office: per US Generals

    You haven't noticed that your money (same amount) will buy significantly less than it did years ago? I'm not sure what you are defining inflation as. You might be able to argue that it can be natural to have very small amounts of inflation here and there, but nothing to the extent that we have...
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    Biden Not Fit For Office: per US Generals

    Is there a time limit on inflation?
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    Biden Not Fit For Office: per US Generals

    Pay will need to rise rapidly to keep up with the coming rise in inflation/cost of living. But, then again, that doesn't show up right away, so it can (and will) be blamed on something else.
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    A Coronavirus Vaccine Won’t Work if People Don’t Take It

    Does this mean some of them will have to stop kissing one another through their masks?

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