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    Back to Back

    I tried to find information on why Minnesota pandemic protocols prohibit the team playing different teams in a 48 or 72 hour period (can't remember), but couldn't find it. Creates an interesting opportunity but I'm not seeing what safety benefit there is by separating games against different...
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    DC Tickets

    Has anyone received their B1G tournament tickets, yet? I get mine through a third party next week, but wondering where they are sitting the faithful remnant going out there in a couple weeks.
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    Selection Sunday-One Game on Saturday?

    Mostly for SS, but others input welcome: If you had time to watch one game on Saturday with significant bubble implications, which one would it be? I have some time, but is limited and I can probably get one in. Thanks
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    Furman Related Blast from the Past

    Just read a report that Mick Cronin at Cincy is sidelined indefinitely for treatment of an unruptured brain anurism (sp)?. Former Furman head coach and Gopher super recruiter assistant Larry Davis is taking his chair for the time being. Wish Mick well. Scary stuff.
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    DISH or DirecTV

    I'm sure this question has been asked, but I'm in my every other year ritual of looking at different TV options. If going with the satelite, is one better than the other? Prices appear comparable. From what I saw, DISH has Pac 12 and Direc doesn't. A tech nerd says Direc's technology is better...
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    BTT Tickets Arrived

    Tourney tickets arrived this morning via UPS. Section 103 rows 3 and 4 for us. Looks like between the baseline and freethrow line. Best seats I've seen in a while.
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    AD News

    Maybe not new, but in response to a direct question in a public forum yesterday, President Kaler said he would announce the new AD in "late April, mid May at the latest." Sounds like they have identified their candidate, or at least a very short list, and are looking for a smooth transition. He...
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    A Little Late-St. Joe's

    I was in Philly for the Gophers-St. Joe's game on Wednesday. I was surprised to read the somewhat harsh comments about Hagan Arena (a remodeled and slightly expanded version of their old field house). It was small (4,200) but it provided a great environment for a college basketball game. The...
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    New Big Ten Refs

    Late in one of the games I had to listen to on the radio, Mike Grimm said that several refs from the Big Ten were not invited back this year, and noted that some of the new guys were really struggling. Any one know which refs were canned by the Big Ten? I assumed one would be Mike Sanzere (?)...
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    Sooners must be really bad. I caught the last 30 seconds of the last place game against Chamindae and they lost. Perhaps Capel isn't the coach he was thought to be. We know a thing or two about getting the hottest coach in the country and not having it work out, too. In fact ours lost three...
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    Cookie, Q, and Toes

    Straying from latest suspension talk, a few observations from my first glimpse of the Gophers on Monday night. Mo Walker reminded me of Cookie Holmes of Big Ten Championship fame, although as one of my section peers noted, perhaps he has a few more cookies than Cookie did. Big boy, who will be...
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    Tickets Arrived Today

    Earlier than I can ever remember. They look nice and are in stacked format, rather than a sheet like in the past. A little easier to handle. Bryant Allen is the first player on the first exhibition ticket. They also had a nice picture of Trevor ready to go. Let's bring on the season!
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    Indy (Long)

    I was able to get to the BTT in Indy last weekend and it was awesome. Winning brings extra joy to the trip. A few observations: I have been to the BTT five times now. Three in Indy, and two in Chicago. I like the United Center better as a venue and Chicago is an easier trip, but Indy as a...
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    Hodger, did you get your tickets yesterday? I got mine. Section 12 rows 18 and 19. Looks like its in the corner, but hard to tell how close to the basket. I am in for your BTT stew, too. We deserve something miraculous after all these years of travelling to the games.
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    View From Disney (Long)

    I just returned to the office from a week in southern California, including (I would be tempted to say highlighted but the relatives I visited may take exception) the 76 Classic. I'm sure the basketball has been dealt with ad nauseum, so I will limit comments to firsthand experiences. My first...
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    Selection Sunday and Others Re: BTT

    Any word from our beloved ticket office about getting tickets for Indy? I have seen two public notices about open ticket sales without an invitation for season ticket holders to purchase. My Purdue friends needed their orders in by the end of August. I never trust this ticket office to get us...
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    Be sure to greet your parents in Indy for me. I will miss our between game visits. My crew will be in Section 108, row 1 I think. A couple MSU guys, and a Michigan guy, but quality human beings. Go easy on them. Where are you sitting? And bring us home a few victories, too.

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