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  1. gophernut1

    Fleck: “That was culture over skill.”

    I doubt Fleck presents things this way if Fleck wasn't being attached by coaches like Frost, who are all about Football. Fleck is about building up young men to be young men first who play elite football. While one is focused on recruiting incredible athletes, the other is about recruiting...
  2. gophernut1

    Big ten power rankings post 10/16

    I would have 4 tiers. Top in East: 1.) OSU 2.) Mich 3.) PSU 4.) MSU Top in West 5.) Iowa 6.) Minn 7.) Purdue 8.) Wisconsin Play hard - will get a few wins. 9.) Nebraska 10.) Indiana will be lucky to get more than 1 more win: 11.) Rutgers 12.) Maryland 13.) Illinious 14.) Northwestern
  3. gophernut1

    2021-2022 College Football Coach Hire/Fire Thread

    Top Division 1 positions open: USC and LSU Hot seat candidates at schools that will pay: Miami Nebraska Washington State Auburn I am sure there are others, but it will be interesting to see what takes place this off-season. Potential for a lot of movement with the quality at the top.
  4. gophernut1

    Another week of carnage in the Top 25

    There is not an unwinnable game on our schedule. In fact some could argue we just faced 3 of our 4 toughest opponents in the B1G West already (with the way WI is playing). However, we are not built to win big and as such there is not a team we face that we will dominate. Maryland can score...
  5. gophernut1

    All Things P.J. Fleck Rumor Mill Thread - Listed as Candidate for Other Jobs

    If PJ Fleck's goal is to leave, than this take makes sense. The reality if we win the West and Fleck is still around next year, than Fleck's heart is to make MN the Clemson of the Upper Midwest.
  6. gophernut1

    Hole Poll: What grade would you give the Gophers coaches in big win over Nebraska?

    I gave us a "B" because we played had a "A" defensive performance the whole game and a "C" offensive performance. It seems like Nebraska came out of half time with a game plan that adjusted to what we were doing. It seems like we couldn't figure out their adjustments so just went to running...
  7. gophernut1

    $5 Bits of Broken Chair

    I love the history of the other trophies we have (you can't beat the Axe, Pig and Jug). However, I love the story behind this trophy. It is a true social media/internet created trophy that should be honored (if not officially, at least unofficially). I also like the fact that we starting...
  8. gophernut1

    Too bad on that Clifford injury

    If the Gophers handle their next three games (which they should) we obviously should be in the driver seat heading into our last three games. In fact it is possible we only need to win 2 of 3 to take the West. However, I am still not confident in this team. I am so glad our next two games...
  9. gophernut1

    Minnesota Vs. Nebraska 2021 - Media Predictions Thread

    I find it so hard not to use 2019 as a guide for this football team. If you remove that they have. 1 good loss -- Ohio State 1 terrible loss - Bowling Green 1 terrible win - Miami of Ohio 2 good wins - Purdue, Colorado Compared to Nebraska: 3 Great losses - Michigan, MSU and OK (losing to...
  10. gophernut1

    The headline in the Sunday paper will read?...

    Frost Fired for Flipping off Fleck After weeks of playing solid football Frost melted down today. Their multiple penalties, ill-timed trick plays and having 12 men on the field on consecutive plays helped seal the fate. When Fleck told Frost to "Row the Boat" during the handshake Frost...
  11. gophernut1

    Weak top 10

    2020 led to a bunch of teams having "breakout year" (Iowa State, Indiana and North Carolina) all had at least one great offensive weapon that could take advantage of Covid defenses. In 2021 where teams have more time to practice and develop teams like this are falling apart. What we are...
  12. gophernut1

    Gophers to play North Dakota in 2028 & 2030

    I think it is important for people to realize whatever the PAC/ACC/B1G alliance is, this will impact our other games. Having 1 game against a regional (we pay them less than a MAC) FCS school, not only draws in outside fans, but generates revenue for our school. There is no advantage in...
  13. gophernut1

    How many wins needed to not be disappointed in the season?

    I believe in PJ as a head coach, but do believe he realizes he needs great minds to assist him in creating a great football team. In 2019 I remember during they bye week they went to the drawing board and came out dominant. Not sure if they have the offensive minds to create a plan to right...
  14. gophernut1

    Curtis Dunlap Jr has entered the transfer portal...again

    Dunlop was instrumental in getting Faalele here and was coming here to be with his back-up QB in Annexstad. I think it is safe to assume Faalele is going to the NFL after this year, but my bigger question is where is Annexstad going or is he going? I am thankful for Dunlop coming to MN, just...
  15. gophernut1

    Official 2022 Gophers Football Recruiting Thread: Links, Tweets, Videos, Rumors

    It is perfectly fine to be disappointed in this years #'s for recruiting (concerning avg. rank). It seems we never got the bump that many of us though 2019 would bring (thanks Covid-19). While I still think Fleck out recruits his predecessors, my biggest concern is him out recruiting the...
  16. gophernut1

    Trey Potts Update.

    Has anyone given consideration he was hospitalized in Indiana. I hear it takes that long just to get the doctor to get to the hospital. .
  17. gophernut1

    Mandel’s: Dare I say the Big Ten has a better shot for 2 teams in the Playoff than the SEC?

    SEC has two major networks - ESPN and CBS who actively support it. Plus in the South football is religious in nature (not in the good way either). Essentially, the type of belief that allows one to lie, cheat and steal in order to justify ones core belief (football in the south is better)...
  18. gophernut1

    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    The fact we won by 30 and they lost is the only reason for a push. Plus, we have the Purdue win, which gives us 2 solid wins and all Neb has is the NW win and only bad loss is to Ill vs ours is Bowling Green. Bottom line is I don't think what they done or what we have done is all that...
  19. gophernut1

    Gophers open as a 3 point dog

    Minnesota trying to reclaim magic of 2019 vs Neb trying to reclaim magic of 1980's - Advantage MN QB in 2021 - Advantage Neb Competition in 2021 - Neb MI, OK and MN - OSU, CO - Push Bottom line I think this games boils down to can MN be mentally prepared for this game? Think of everything they...
  20. gophernut1

    Breaking down POD Concept for Realignment

    PSU, Rutgers, Maryland, Pitt OSU, MI, MI St, Northwestern ND, IN, PUR, Ill MN, WI, IA and Neb Obviously adding Notre Dame and Pitt, but ND would love it in a because they are the one true leader of a pod and if the pod system serves as a type of secondary playoff for the B1G they would have a...

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