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    Nate burleson on cbs

    a "Cup of Coffee" I think is the phrase.
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    GH Q&A: JOJ on Committing to MN: Staying home with a new coaching staff. Ben Johnson is a big reason. He coached a lot of good players at Xavier.

    I love the idea that he wants to be a "mismatch." Hard to cover, hard to push around. Sounds like he knows who he is, and what he might bring to the dance. A bit of an edge that is really appealing.
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    Season ticket holder upgrade process

    Just got on. Not much to look at. A few singles in our section. Going to sit pat.
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    Why are you a MN fan?

    I remember hitting a 3-iron toward the green on a par 4 at Lakeview Golf Club. I knew it was on line, but no doubt over the green. After looking for it for a few minutes, my golf buddy was strolling by the hole and noticed my ball in the cup. An eagle! As we walked off the green, I remember...
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    What do you value most in a head coach?

    There is a built-in tension for a coach when trying to create a culture. Players need to be developed, (mostly in practice), and then pushed to execute during the game. If someone continues to step outside the plan, or the values of the new culture, it should affect their playing time. The other...
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    If Pitino had any guts.....

    Time for a tiny rant; I remember an interview with John Wooden, long after his coaching days. Someone posed the question about a certain player who was able to "create his own shot." Wooden was a little baffled, and said something to the effect that basketball is a team game, and the purpose...
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    Fascinating read: The pandemic has all but shut down the income streams for halftime performers, who typically make $1,500 to $5,000 a show.

    IMHO, "Quick Change" was the most entertaining, along with the gymnastics team from Fargo.
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    Q&A: Treyton Thompson on Excitement for Gophers, Off-Season Work, and Much More

    You’ve got to love a kid who puts accessibility to the cafeteria as a high value. Sounds like good people to me.
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    Sports bucket list

    We have two grandsons that are huge sports fans, especially baseball. When they were about 12, we talked about a ”Bucket List” baseball trip. So on each of their 13th birthdays, we traveled to: -Brewers/Twins game in Milwaukee, then on to - Cubs/Reds at Wrigley, followed by - Kansas...
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    B-ball Season ticket available

    Great seat in a block of 4 tickets. Each person gets 2 tickets for 8 games, plus parking pass. Section 117, row 16. Message me for all the details.
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    All Things Kerwin Walton Recruitment Thread (Class of 2020)

    Up&Under, nice touch on Good Friday.
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    The greatest game you ever saw!

    January, 2008 at the kohl center in Madison. I was there to see Westbrook and Damien take becky down in OT. Bostic was at his best as well. Too sweet for words!
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    Gopher basketball complaints that aren’t about the team

    When I watch the pre-game video, I always think - “yeah, win some games and be in contention in the Big10, THEN you can show a Chicago Bulls-style video.” Sheeeesh!
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    WTH is with these announcing crews????????

    at least we're hearing/seeing less of Crispin.
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    Marcus Carr Most Physical PG Since...

    Wasn't Bobby Jackson considered a point guard? He was definitely clutch.
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    Basketball Season Ticket available — GREAT SEATS!

    Ticket is in a group of 4. Each member will get two tickets to 8 home games. Section 117, Row 16 We do a draft to select games that each person wants. email if interested: [email protected]

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