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    B1G Game 6: Gophers Host Penn State (1-10-21)

    If things don't improve it might be time to hire a couple different assistant coaches. Obanion is the post coach and clearly in over her head and Kelly Curry just lacks the necessary experience to coach at this level.
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    2021 Recruiting

    They've offered so it wouldn't be the Gophers passing on her but the other way around if she goes somewhere else.
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    B1G Game 18: Gophers Host Maryland (3-1-20)

    You hit the nail on the head!
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    B1G Game 16: Gophers Host Indiana (2-22-20)

    No, Pitts could not shoot as well as Patberg.
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    2021 Recruiting

    What makes you think they're going to pass on McKenzie? They've already offered her and one of the coaches is at every game she plays if allowed by NCAA recruiting rules.
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Visit Michigan State (2-17-20)

    She is injured and will be redshirted.
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    B1G Game 15: Gophers Visit Michigan State (2-17-20)

    She is injured and will be redshirted.
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    Whalen contract extended a year

    I agree with the bad timing but Teague wanted her out if there no matter what kind of season she had. They were courting Stollings from the moment he took over.
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    Brunson & Scalia

    Both probably contributed but the intentional elbow took the bigger toll.
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    B1G Game 12: Minnesota Visits Wisconsin (2-6-20)

    I'm guessing she's played too many minutes and in too many games. Cummings will be redshirted and I'm sure they will limit the number of redshirts given the number of players coming in next yea.
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    Brunson & Scalia

    The radio announcers said Brunson is day to day following the concussion resulting from the shot to her chin during the Rutgers game. No news on Scalia.
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    Klarke has knee issues. Cummings will be redshirted. Not sure about any additional redshirts. With the number of players coming in each year I'd be surprised to see any additional redshirts.
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    B1G Game 11: Gophers Host Rutgers (2-2-20)

    According to a very reliable source there is absolutely no discussion going on between the staff or Destiny regarding her return to the team. She is still a student here because the U was nice enough to let her keep her scholarship through this academic year.

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